How to read-only farm on PC?

Hey, what are the steps to read-only farm on the PC? Do you have to also disable the cloud syncing/saving on Epic as well?


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I assume you right click on your character save file and change it to read only. Then save quit farm as normal BUT before you quit, you must put all the loot that you want to save in your bank which is a separate file.
And yes you also need to turn off the cloud save function.
I also always suggest that you backup your saves in a separate folder before you start this and when you quit for the day. This eliminates the need for cloud save.

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Note: pretty sure the game is now smart enough (in some cases) to overwrite your read only file (Lilith’s Rare Chest). So unless you make a backup copy, marking R/O is not enough.

My process:
Get to just before I’m going to farm, run my backup script (copies entire save folder), perform action, place gear in bank. Quit to menu, copy previous .sav file back in. From menu, reselect the character & now continue game.

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Yea. I noticed later on when i tried, that my save file that ive been using since release, is ALREADY marked as RO.
I had to save scum as usual.