How to redeem VIP codes?

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Just found out about the vip program today when catching up on gearbox twitter posts and wanted to redeem the “WUBWUBWUB” code but i cannot find a code redemption page on the site and i have looked EVERYWHERE.


Go to an yellow box with a key picture in it called: REDEEM A CODE

But I think this codes are already expired? Try it anyway!

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It worked. I got to the send invite section and it took it’s time loading the rest of the page, which would explain how i missed it + that looks like it could be the bottom.



BL3REVEAL is another one in case you want to try and see if it’s still working :slight_smile:

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That one worked too, Thanks!


Glad I could help!

if you have discord join in here:

I got this new codes from there!

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That will be real handy when the game releases to find some co-op buddies! Especially if they don’t fix the matchmaking…can’t connect to 90% of the lobbies and the other 10% are sooooo laggy (atleast for me, not sure if it is supposed to be that way)


hahahaha I’m a lonely wolf so I like to solo games :slight_smile:

But glad you liked my suggestion! Now go to the VIP site and click things like crazy hahahaha

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Went through all the activities and am now ready to redeem as soon as they launch the borderlands 3 stuff.

Redeemed the GOTY shift codes form the discord, now i can use the chest a little bit more often…kinda sad that i couldn’t redeem them on the website but hey, atleast they do work.

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Did they take this down already? I can’t find any spot on the VIP page to redeem a code… :frowning:


No it’s still there!

(doctorsuess20) #12

Found it! Thank you!
To be more specific: I went to Menu, Insiders, then Activities and found it there.


There is a activity on the borderlands VIP Activities page to redeem VIP creator code, 4 codes per user. Wasn’t there for me yesterday when i looked so I’m just putting it here for people to see. Linked the forum i found that has all 4 codes. Easy 800 points :slight_smile:

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Thank you, Ray