How to redeem VIP codes?

Just found out about the vip program today when catching up on gearbox twitter posts and wanted to redeem the “WUBWUBWUB” code but i cannot find a code redemption page on the site and i have looked EVERYWHERE.


Go to an yellow box with a key picture in it called: REDEEM A CODE

But I think this codes are already expired? Try it anyway!


It worked. I got to the send invite section and it took it’s time loading the rest of the page, which would explain how i missed it + that looks like it could be the bottom.


BL3REVEAL is another one in case you want to try and see if it’s still working :slight_smile:

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That one worked too, Thanks!

Glad I could help!

if you have discord join in here:

I got this new codes from there!

That will be real handy when the game releases to find some co-op buddies! Especially if they don’t fix the matchmaking…can’t connect to 90% of the lobbies and the other 10% are sooooo laggy (atleast for me, not sure if it is supposed to be that way)

hahahaha I’m a lonely wolf so I like to solo games :slight_smile:

But glad you liked my suggestion! Now go to the VIP site and click things like crazy hahahaha

Went through all the activities and am now ready to redeem as soon as they launch the borderlands 3 stuff.

Redeemed the GOTY shift codes form the discord, now i can use the chest a little bit more often…kinda sad that i couldn’t redeem them on the website but hey, atleast they do work.

Did they take this down already? I can’t find any spot on the VIP page to redeem a code… :frowning:

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No it’s still there!

Found it! Thank you!
To be more specific: I went to Menu, Insiders, then Activities and found it there.

There is a activity on the borderlands VIP Activities page to redeem VIP creator code, 4 codes per user. Wasn’t there for me yesterday when i looked so I’m just putting it here for people to see. Linked the forum i found that has all 4 codes. Easy 800 points :slight_smile:

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Thank you, Ray

Me too. I redeemed codes before. Now it’s not an option for me anymore. And it says I have no points anymore.

There is a new section for redeeming codes on the borderlands site.

IT says on the shift website that they wil apear in Your backpack in the First carctacter you loed in with after reademing the code

Just start up Your game again

I’ve been a VIP member for over a week, and still can’t find where the code redeem area is, and I’ve looked thought the whole thing…any advice?

How do you know which code is which? I mean, what’s the difference between a Vault code, Diamond code, Creator code or email code?

Here -

I’m preety sure you need to read description of your code.
For example: Borderlands email VIP Code for 250 points: LOOTLOOTLOOT