How to redeem VIP codes?

It could mean that not all of them are off. You can also try different browser.

Thanks GrzesPL. The section appeared after I cleaned out my Browser. cache. Appreciate the help.

BORDERLANDSCOSPLAYE3 vault code for 500 points


I’m having zero luck with any of the suggestions above.

I pre-ordered the game and I’ve signed into Shift. I’m getting emails with codes - for example, I got one with the BL3ATE3 code. I’m on the page at, which has a section that says “Each of the options below corresponds to a different code type; make sure you choose the correct one for the code you’re attempting to redeem.”

In that section there is exactly one “option below”, where I can enter a Shift code. Any ideas what might be going wrong?

Try different browser. If you can’t see activities or codes section that means something is blocking the site, like ad-block.

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Could also be specific privacy/security settings in a particular browser, such as 3rd party cookies or something daft like that.

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@GrzesPL, @VaultHunter101: Looks like it was the ad blocker. Thanks for the info!

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Ive tried to redeem my points to get golden keys and they never showed up in game anyone else having this issue

Judging by posts in the various tech support categories, the answer would be ‘yes’ unfortunately. Your best bet - after checking that your accounts are in fact linked - would be to file a support ticket.

Yes, this does work. I redeemed for Norfleet Rocket Launcher and it was in my Gaige character’s backpack, but get this…on my XBox 360 S console game. I have not upgraded to an Xbox One yet. Getting an XB X at some point.

I used this page to find codes, and with the link, redeem them.
I am now up to date, and have 8,300 points, (I’ve already previously redeemed 4000 points for a Norfleet). With the free spin each month, plus the points, I’ll have no problem acquiring the rewards to grant me a Legendary Malliwan for BL3.


I use the same site. I also redeemed for a Norfleet and have now over 9500 points. :+1:

Only tab it shows for me is the shift codes. no email so forth since first time I entered email code

Thx shadow6 :muscle:

I cannot find this under Menue-Insider-Activities.
I do get lots of options of videos to watch, surveys, etc.
Under Redeem Codes I get options for Email, Vault, Diamond,& Code Creator.
I’ve turned off ad blocker for the site…
I’ve tried the site on my phone and PC…
Any other sugesstions?

Yeah, now that I’ve brought 1 character up to OP 10, looks like I need to redeem 4k for another Norfleet.

OP10 character, good on you. Norfleet will be awesome at that level! I’m not quite that far along with my Gaige & Axton characters. All the best.

Hello! Did you clean passwords and logins?

Hi! Does this site have issues with Safari? I’ve shutdown my ad blockers, but I still have problems seeing sections of the VIP Program. Thanks for any help.

Its: Menu-Insiders- then there should be a list
My Profile
Redeem Code
Program Info