How to replace menu logo?

Hi y’all,

Question for the devs or the community - where’s the file that controls the Angel Moon logo in the upper left corner during normal gameplay (you click on it to bring up the F10 menu)? Either the name of the .tga/.dds file or the LUA file that controls it will suffice.

I’ve dug all through the ui folders and haven’t been able to find it yet, though of course it’s always possible I glossed right past it.

Edit: added pic for clarification - upper left corner blue logo.


I’ve found it. It’s Data\ui\newui\taskbar\hudicons\, along with the other icons for that corner of the UI. Hope it helps.

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Do you think we could have a user’s badge there? :smile:

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Many thanks! I’ve got it swapped out for the Classic Space logo now.

Here’s the chunk from newtaskbar.lua that controls it:

BackgroundGraphic = {
	--size = {4, 4},
	texture = "DATA:UI\\NewUI\\Taskbar\\HudIcons\\",					
	uvRect = { 0/128, 0/128, 128/128, 128/128 },
	patch_X = { 4,-120,4,0 },
	patch_Y = { 4,-120,4,0 },
	--patch_PadX = {3, -3},
	--patch_PadY = {2, -2},
	patch_Scale = 1,


I didn’t use a fancy animated image strip for the replacement image, so I commented out the Surface line at the bottom.

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Yeah. I know the Angel Moon is a logo of Homeworld, but quite weird having it there when I play the Vaygr or Taiidan.

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The man’s got a point! Not saying we’d do that - but it’s hard to argue that you don’t have a really, really valid point on that one…


A per-race logo for up the top there would be fantastic :smile:

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I actually thought this changed based on which team you were running… I guess I just never noticed.