How to respawn the Jetbeast

My first jetbeast has been destroyed and I went to a garage to respawn it but can’t succeed. Don’t get the option of “Q-respawn” and can select the jetbeast, but don’t know how to respawn it. Maybe I am missing some button in the bottom of my screen due to my monitor but how can I respawn it??

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I’m having the same issue. I just equipped a snowdrift + emp5 and said screw it

Oh really? I hopped inside of it and tried to scan it into the catcharide but couldn’t, but when mine blew up I could respawn it. I didn’t use the catch a ride where you find the jetbeast but I used the second one you find to respawn it.


Tried the 2nd one also, but same problem.

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FYI, you can steal them from enemies. Obviously it’s a pita to always do that since it blows up easily but it’s something, i guess

Yeah. At some point they charge straight at you, which is your opportunity to hijack. At least they’re fast enough to get away.

Not sure if the respawn issue is general or platform specific - it was working for me on XB1. Not sure what everyone else is on here.

I had no problems respawning them last night on PS4.

Just wish they had a little more durability. Could be a fun vehicle but constantly get destroyed :frowning:

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Same thing happened to me last night. Tried hijacking then scanning it at Catch-A-ride, but still didn’t show the vehicle to respawn.

After closing the app then restarting it, the vehicle was available for respawn though. Try that out if you haven’t.

I’ve had two blow up from enemies looking at them askew. Seriously I have no idea how the health scaling of vehicles continues to elude GBX.

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Have the same issue on PS4,

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I have determined they are made out of cardboard …
Saurians can chew through them like melted butter LoL

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Yeah that worked for me