How to save Battleborn from the brink

Gearbox…you NEED to get a free trial weekend going ASAP on this game! During this time, you should double Xp AND credits. After the weekend is up, you need to offer the game PLUS the season pass for $50,

You will easily get a few more thousand players.

You don’t need to thank me, just do It. I LOVE this game and want it so badly to do better. Please make it happen kthxbai :relieved:


I take it those were the conditions a few of your Overwatch playing friends made before they said they would try this game?


They’re working now on a trial version. While a free weekend would be nice, 2K would need to have an advertisimg blast. I’m guessing that’s a bit of a non starter apparently. So, great idea, but 2K isn’t likely to jump on the chance very easily


It’s true, I’m pretty sure the name stands for 2 thousand :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

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It has been said they are looking to release a Trial edition after the DLC, which are expected to be released by the end of Winter 2017. I’m guessing some sort of Anniversary Event.

Free trial WEEK! Weekend won’t cut it.

During the entire week you need a hell of a lot deeper discount than that. There’s a cash shop. Those only make sense with a healthy player base. They need to drop the price of everything to around $20. That’ll bring in enough people and be low enough where they’ll splurge on MT’s.

And those two can’t be mentioned without mentioning 2K as they would need to actually organize said “free week” and “deep discount” and then do something that publishers don’t normally do. Put together a competent advertising campaign to get the word out. Oh wait… I’m sorry, that’s exactly what publishers should be doing.

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thats, like, about 11 months too late.


Guys, please check the rules. 2K are associates of Gearbox, and as such it’s not appropriate to slate them on this forum.


I hear ya, but since I can’t say anything nice I’m just going to have to leave this topic.

There was another sale on Steam recently with a sweet 70% discount on Deluxe edition, so it’s possible to set the price this low for the event.

I’m gonna say do a free week, but also they need to advertise the HELL out of it. Make sure everyone knows that Battleborn’s free for a week and cheap as hell after - maybe add in a further small discount if you played in the free version.

Here is my take on bringing the player base up in BB. Savior of this game is in the Bots. Yep the bots, let me explain a bit more.

The time waiting to get into games is the biggest downfall of BB. I figure if we can get more frequent games in, the more appealing the game is.

So what if we create another type of quick match. In this one we specify the minimum amount of human players we want to play with (2-10). Then in a designated short amount of time (1-3mins) if the allotment of players pass the minimum required. The rest of the team is filled with bots.


Although I very much prefer that they impliment challenges are certain titles could be achieved by fighting against bots first, your idea is definitely possible and cost effective.

Actually, these two need to be implemented together to have full effect.

The longer Gearbox takes to remedy this, the more the game will fall quicker to the abyss.

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My local wal-mart is selling copies for about $20… just saying…

Edited. My apologies

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Tons of people have played this game and just haven’t stuck around. There needs to be something to help people with the learning curve. Getting people in the door is one thing and retention is another


I can’t really play much because of balance. I don’t care for pve (gasp, the opposite of the normal complaint!) Because I’ve played lots of it and am done with it. Like… Thirty renegade runs was enough (I did finally get the Brooch in case you were wondering :), but pvp I’d love to do. It’s just that there aren’t many people at my skill level it seems. I find some here and there, but there’s not enough people period. So really you need to get more people to keep more people :stuck_out_tongue:
Honestly, being stomped or stomping - neither bring me joy. Unless I’m getting easy lore stuff. But they got nerfed, so that doesn’t really do much for me anymore. And I rarely get good matches unless 1-3 players dc on at least one team.

I haven’t played in a couple weeks, so I haven’t seen the new less cheesy incursion (still my favorite, because much more balanced than meltdown). But I’ll give it a shot to see kid ultra :slight_smile:

As much as I hate to admit it, free to play may be their only option. Considering they have an irl cash shop, they’re already halfway there. If I can’t buy it with in game money, it’s officially freemium and a tiny middle finger.

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Don’t have a free weekend until the game can consistently keep score. People won’t even be able to unlock characters and I don’t think anyone will be favorably impressed with this game in it’s current state.

again, not until there’s a PvP tutorial, otherwise it’ll just be a 'play miko and try to assassinate players, die, and then complain about balance while uninstalling" weekend.


Numbers out of the blue sky.