How to see your fleet and other questions

Hi, I just got Sierras Homeworld 1 and have just finished the first mission. So far it’s been a great intro.

Many thanks to anyone who can help with my questions.

I have a few questions about gameplay mechanics:

  • How do you know which ships you have in your fleet and what units (capital ships and fighters) you have lost in battle? Is there a page you can see this information?

  • In mission 1, first contact with Turanian Raiders, when I give orders to my interceptor squadron or scout squadron to hold control and doña box around enemies to attack, the pilots will say something like ‘ready to attack’ but just hang around getting shot up? They won’t even move using M button?

  • How come tactics Stay on neutral even after you just set them to aggressive? Bug?

  • One of my fighters is badly damaged. I don’t have a repair corvette, will docking with the mothership start repairing the fighter?

  • How do I create separate groups/fleets of ships, with specific combat and auxiliary ships?

I assume you mean the Classic version.

The only way to list all of your fleet is to make sure you have the whole fleet in view and then press “E”, this will select all ships and will list them at the top of the screen.
No, there is no way to see what ships you’ve lost other than your memory.

I think you mean Mission 2, at the Khar-Salim. Sounds like a bug.

Also sounds like a bug.

Yes, any ship of frigate class or smaller can be repaired by the Mothership. Just select the ship and press “D” it will dock and repair.

To create groups just select a group of ships and press “CTRL + [NUMBER]” any number from 1 to 10. You can now select those groups by just pressing their respective group number.

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One more question, while paused can I give move orders? Because I can’t give build or research orders while I’m paused right? But move orders are ok?

You can, but I think there are bugs where the move orders don’t register as they’re supposed to after unpausing, so you are better off just pausing the game, selecting the ships to be moved, unpausing the game, making the move order, then instantly pause again.


I’ve grouped my fighters and ships into groups.

How do I deselect a group when I want to re-organise the fleet?

When I just renumber them they still show their old group numbers again. How do I make them ‘group neutral’ before assigning them to another group?

I tried Cntrl - but it isn’t working.

Many thanks for any help.

Just assign the old group number to another ship.
The number should disappear from the existing ships.

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