How to select characters in Private Campaign

Hey folks, new to BB here. Sorry for the stupid q, I can’t figure out how to change characters in my solo canpaign match. Nor, for the life of me, how to change difficulty level. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Select Private Story, then map.
You can switch difficulty using the top “button” in the menu list (just use the Select button/key)
You choose your character after you hit the “Start Mission” button.

Do you mean once the mission has started? If so, you can’t unfortunately. Once you select the character from character select screen you are stuck with it until mission end or death. It’s a pain when in a group as you can’t see what characters others are going to pick until they are committed to the decision, so if no-one selects a tank or healer then you can’t go back to rectify.

Oh, also, in the first mission (prologue), you have to play as Mellka, am thinking now that this is what you are probably experiencing.

Yup, that would explain it. Just started the Prologue looking for the select after Start Mission, didn’t see it haha. Thanks guys! And thanks for not flaming me right off the bat for the stupid questions, I swear I looked around for a few minutes before posting!

The only stupid question is the one you needed to ask, but didn’t! Have fun with the game.