How to select difficulty for Story Public?


I want to know how to select the difficulty for Story Public like you can in Story Private. Thanks :slight_smile:

You can’t…and that needs to be addressed by GBX. Queueing for Advanced mode should be available for players that have completed all missions on normal.


have they said if this is just something they were not able to include in the launch game because of timing or was it by design?

It is supposedly being applied at the first big update in couple weeks

ok sweet. didnt know if it was something like destiny where they do it on purpose because they want people fo form teams themselves for the higher level content. glad to see they didnt do it that way.

They didn’t do it initially because they didn’t want to split the matchmaking queues too much, but it’s been so heavily requested they’re working on it.


yes that could be too. i know they already had mentioned in the twitch stream they were not going to do cue for each mission separately because of that.

ah ok sweet thanks for clearing that up