How to Shotgun - Thank You, Chuck80

Figured this would be the place to post this so here it is. :smile:


Thank you for taking the time to create and maintain this thread. Greatly appreciated. :smile:

I was having a somewhat difficult time in Borderlands 2 taking down BNK-3R quickly with my Zer0 using sniper rifles. After fully reading this thread and (mostly) following your recommendations I have been able to take BNK-3R down in roughly 10 seconds. FYI - my Zer0 build is set to take full advantage of B0re per the various build guides. A big “Thank You!” goes out to the members who created those threads as well! :dog:

My only variations from your recommendations is I’m using OP8 Juicy Hulk coupled with the Legendary Killer Class Mod (57% Team Critical Damage), Purple Elemental Relic (+38% Explosive Damage), and The Bee (1,665,066 Amp Shot).I’ve found that with this combination when hitting BNK-3R dead center twice drops BNK-3R’s health bar to zero within roughly 10 seconds from the time my character steps onto the platform. The first time I took him out using this build I just sat back and verbally said, “Wow! That was fast!”.

Through my own testing I’ve found the Juicy Hulk’s 40.8% Accuracy is a good median which allows for a great amount of coverage of BNK-3R’s critical hit spots. Coupled with the Explosive Relic BNK-3R gets totally wrecked in a very short time. :collision: Unless, of course, my aim is off then eliminating him takes a bit longer. :unamused:

Anyways, thanks again for creating and maintaining this thread. :smile:

Wanted to add, I have been running the combo for roughly 2 days. Farming BNK-3R roughly 160 times has netted me an 80% and 94% Sham, Social Bitch, Corporate Bitch, Neogenator and a head for Zer0. I’ll be posting those finds in the Finds of the Day thread shortly.


Torgue purple shotties are veeeery useful if you aren’t able to get a Flakker, SWORDSPLOSION or Carnage.

@AceGoober if you use the @ symbol before the name that person, and in this case @Chuck80 gets a notification so you know he will see this thread.

Also its always good to hear guides here helped people.

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Thank you, @Derch. Edited the OP with the change. Still getting used to the new forums yet I’m adjusting quite well. With a bit of help. :smiley:

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There are a lot of fun little things like that in this place, takes a bit to learn them all but when you do so many things are better.


@AceGoober It’s pretty cool to read of someone who had problems, then read your stuff and succeeded :slight_smile:
Makes it all the more rewarding, so thank you :blush:

Yeah, the Juicy prefix (I believe is the crit one, if I remember right) can help a triple barrel reach decent accuracy, Normally not a top choice for Torgue shotguns, but on Zero, that extra crit bonus can help a lot :smile: