How to skip the next patch inquiry

I’m on Xbox. I was wondering if I should post this on the Xbox section.

I am wondering if there is a way to prevent in game updates but still keep the recent patches. I wanna keep the new anointment buffs to Moze and Zane, but skip the Broken Hearts patch until we get to the next patch (whatever is the next sensible patch – probably DLC 2).

Sure, I will probably miss the new skins which I don’t really care of. I can get the two new guns by “trading” (loaded word and I doubt it will be better than Kyb and Redistributor). I will miss the flying hearts (lol).

I don’t wanna discuss the pros and cons of the new patch here. Do it on the other threads.

I guess one way is to disconnect it from the net but I still wanna be online while playing other games and watch Netflix in Xbox (so that’s a no for me). I still wanna play BL3 in coop.

But I don’t want the game to update behind the scenes as well.

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Basically, if you want to play on-line you will be unable to avoid installing any updates - it’s just the way the XBox system works. I’m guessing it’s the extra three levels you want to avoid right now more than the event (since you’ll be able to turn that on/off).

I suspect your best options for on-line would be:

  • Start and level new characters from scratch
  • Play with mayhem off until you hit the new cap and start finding gear
  • Adjust mayhem level if you want greater difficulty until you find a sweet spot that keeps your level 50 gear reasonably useful without the game itself being too easy.
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I am confident my current gear and build will blowout level 53 enemies. I can beat M4 Shaft and Cistern with 3 people dead. Run Fervor quickly too.

I guess I will have to be offline or use my hax skills to see if there’s a way. I will report back if I do find a way

What exactly is it you want to avoid in the Broken Hearts update anyway? If it’s the event, you can simply turn it off. And you don’t seem to be too concerned about the extra levels, so…?


I don’t wanna discuss the pros and cons here. We have a specific thread or threads for that.

That’s sadly not how the game works. You can circumvent Hotfixes under some circumstances but this is gonna be a fully-blown patch.

Whatever it is you don’t want with that patch, you aren’t gonna avoid it by somehow not getting the patch as a whole.

Fair enough but I will try still if I can find a way

I know this doesn’t solve your problem but I still wanted to share this information:

I would be careful when declining updates in general because in some instances it will delete the whole game with every patch. A few years ago I had internet with a limited download volume and declined the updates for Doom and R6:S because they were ridiculous ~40GB each, I then had to install everything from scratch with a total of something along 160GB! Which took a few days.

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I read one post from Reddit that had this same issue. Thanks for sharing btw

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Since this is a patch you should be able to disable auto-updates. That way the patch doesn’t install and you can still play online. Not sure how that will affect the hotfixes since they will be tweaked to install on the patched version, but theoretically it should work.

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Also the current hotfixes may wind up being included in tomorrow’s patch. If that happens it won’t matter if you’re online or not, they will be disabled on GBX’s end.

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I wonder if a game update in the Xbox settings is similar with Hotfixes on the game’s menu. If they behave similar, disabling the update in the Xbox settings should behave the same for the hotfix.

Maybe similar, but they are applied quite differently. The patches are downloaded and installed by the console independent from the game. Whereas the hotfixes are pulled in by the game and applied on the title screen independent of the console. So, disable the auto-update on the console side to avoid patches, and either skip through the title screen fast enough, or play offline to avoid the hotfixes.

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Another option is to block it on the firewall level or something similar. I will play tonight and see what can be done

That’s doable, could configure a content filter maybe, but at that point you might as well just play offline. The anointment buffs you’re wanting to keep are part of the current hotfix.

But not co-op with those running a fully updated version of the game - I don’t know whether or not that is important to the OP.

I don’t think so. Hotfixes seem to be associated with the SHiFT servers? I do know that you can skip the hotfix if you spam the ‘A’ button…

Correct. Not really sure what OP is going for with doing this. I’m just trying to be helpful :slight_smile:

I have my reasons but as we progress through this conversation, it piqued my curiosity on something else about Xbox. Time to hit that wireshark.