How to spec Krieg?

So I’ve been playing Maya (and occasionally Zer0) for my entire time in this game. Recently I decided I wanted to play as Krieg, because I had the DLC and felt obligated to try it. He is so powerful! My only question is this: What do I do with my skill tree? I’ve never even seen a character where the entire tree was undesirable, but I kind of have a thing against lighting myself on fire. So right now, at level 46, my spec looks like this:
Would this then be the completed spec?
It’s just odd to see an entire tree which is useless to a playstyle, even most Melee Zer0’s take B0re and Sniper Zer0’s go down to Execute. So is the completed version of my spec really just getting what I need just to get to Bloodsplosion, and then throwing points in places where they won’t light me on fire?

EDIT: I don’t mean “the entire tree” I meant “an entire branch” my bad

I use this if I’m avoiding the Hellborn tree

You don’t need to dip into hellborn if you don’t want to, there are plenty of points to get all the good skills in both mania and bloodlust tree.

Your distribution of points looks just like the common mania-bloodlust melee or hybrid spec you mostly would find around here except for the points into Blood Trance since a lot of people also like to use RtB’s invincibility startup as often as possible although I’m one of the few who would rather extend buzzaxe rampage’s duration as much as possible.

ps.: igniting yourself isn’t that bad, my favourite spec is centered around a melee-focused mania-hellborn build and it gives you the survivability to tank a lot of damage.

You’re pretty much right on the money with the compelted spec there, the only change I would recomned is to pull the points from blood trance and move them to EtP and blood twitch, it’s a lot easier to play with a shorter rampage because you have better uptime on slag (assuming you throw slag nades or whatever method you use when you’re not rampaging) and you spend more time invunerable (in the RtB animation).

Some people also put one point in TotK, but I don’t recomend that if you’re new at Krieg.

the reason most people skip hellborn when going for a bloodlust/mania build is that hellborn only really works when you have a bunch of the skills and you can’t get enough while getting both RtB and Bloodsplosion for it to be really worthwhile. Also the other skills you can pick up with those points can be really effective, allowing you to put out some really solid damage outside of RtB (with BB, EtP, and StF).

Like @Maveco said, hellborn is far from useless, a Hellborn/bloodlust or hellborn/mania build is quite viable. in fact, hellborn/bloodlust is a lot better at the peak than mania/bloodlust, I can’t really speak for mania/hellborn.

Mania Hellborn here. Yeah, I see a hybrid melee weapons build there. Should work fine for now. At 57 you can choose to go full Hellborn Mania or Bloodlust Mania.
I would take off the points from Blood Trance as the guys said there, may be problematic to chain RtB when you’re with low health.

completed, may be something like this as a suggestion, it is a generic bloodlust mania build, dunno what the guys can say

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People are always talking about UVHM on the forums “use slag, slag this you need slag” and after 45 minutes of three-person UVHM co-op… Krieg doesn’t. Level 50, the other two are 51, still one to two-hitting most enemies, chaining RTB like a motherf*cker. Heck, this is the most fun I’ve had in BL2 in ages. I think I’ll take your advice and not put points toward blood trance when I get there, the timing works well as it is. Running an adaptive shield, health relic, sickle COM, and a slag bandit shotty for if I ever have RtB downtime (I don’t). Glad I decided to give this character a try, and thanks for your help!

Krieg, like Sal, doesn’t need slag to kill in UVHM. I use a Storm Front for Bloodlust stacking and I do just fine. I would trade the adaptive shield for a Rough Rider if you have Sir Hammerlock’s DLC. Just grab the one with the most health because the Bulwark is a repeatable farm and tends to drop a RR about every 1 in 5 times or so. I haven’t farmed him since the patch, but he seems pretty generous with it. You can use roid shields as well, just don’t use them in the OP levels with Silence the Voices because you will down yourself…often.

Now it is. :stuck_out_tongue: Put the last three points wherever it suits you. I put them in Bloody Revival because I have an Ogre and I :heart: it!

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Don’t really want to go to the trouble of starting that DLC quite yet, my adaptive already boosts max health and the resistance most likely won’t be necessary for a while here in early UVHM. I guess the real follow-up question here is: When should I spec out of LtF and never look back? I hear terrible things about it in OP levels, but I love being able to run, walk, and jump while in FFYL. Especially in co-op, that adds a really nice mechanic to the game. So when does it become not worth it?

If you play exclusively Co-op, and have reliable friends (preferably a smart maya) LtF can be incredibly useful, even into OP levels, however, it is super useless in solo play or if your co-op buddies stop paying attention/are dumb.

Regarding when you should spec out…you can probably make it work pretty well op2 or so, but it’ll start losing the ability to get you up after that

Gotcha. Unfortunately, the way this worked out, all three of us are using different characters than usual. The normal Mayas of the group (me and a buddy) are playing as Krieg and Zer0, and Maya is in the hands of someone who normally plays Gaige. I’ll probably end up specing out of LtF before we take our first pass through the Peak just to be safe. 22 levels to go before then, though, so I’ll enjoy it while I have it.

Mabye someone who’s had more experiencw with krieg on the peak in co-op can correct me, but I recomend you run a different build on the peak, bloodlust/mania melee jsut isn’t very good on the peak, it’s good pretty much every where else, but there are a lot of boss fights and enemies are very far appart. Even a bloodlust/mania gun build shouls work better.

It can be, but unless your name is Spunky, it’s very difficult, even with friends. I managed to get to OP 8 using my BL/Man build, but it was not a walk in the park, especially against the double Scorches.

If you want a rough rider, and I highly recommend them as they have no actual shield capacity, helping all the skills that work with no shields, if you follow the main quest line only, its about the 3rd or 4th step until you get to kill the Bulwark, then you can leave the DLC and go back and farm it every 4 or so levels.

It doesn’t take a lot of commitment to unlock the Bulwark, but the Rough Rider is an awesome shield.

Co-op DP?

That’s hard stuff.

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Not exactly sure what play style you want but this is my melee/gun build

I realized my post doesn’t have a link to the full build in it so I had to post a link to the post itself

Only way I play.

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got mixed, Coop DP xD

Why the he’ll would you use nervous blood on a melee krieg? And take the point out of totk?

Because thrill of the kill is a waste when you get full health back with each kill already

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