How to start end-game with Fl4k

Hello all. I just got to level 57 with Fl4k and have finished the Guns (etc) DLC. I’d like to try end game stuff. I usually play on my own. I’ve been using a Rakk build and whatever legendaries I find lying around. I haven’t specifically farmed for anything. But I’d like to start now.
If I want to eventually be able to solo Mayhem 10, what should I work on farming first? Happy to change my build too btw. Really sorry, but you’ll have to be very specific about what items and where to get them, and how to progress through mayhem levels. I’m a bit of a newbie at endgame content of any game! :slight_smile:

If you’re interested in learning more about Fl4k’s end-game options, I would suggest starting by taking a look at the Fl4k Top Gear thread. Be glad to help if you still need help.

I run a Rakk build and the 4 weapons that almost never leave my loadout are the following:

Unseen Threat

I use a variety of anointments, but for pure damage, 100% Rakk attack (Rakk Slag as many call it) or 300% weapon damage are probably among the highest DPS. Rakk Slag works great on the Monarch and OPQ, 100% weapon damage, 300/90, or consecutive hits all work great on the Unseen Threat, and the 50% ASE elemental damage works great on the Recursion.

A lot of people really like the Reflux on the Rakk build as well. For a sustained DPS weapon like the Reflux or Recursion, life steal is a really good one to have.

Hope this gets you started!


Thanks so much Tyson. It will get me started! First stop, Unseen Threat!

Just a quick question as well. Do you get these weapons on M1? And then again at M4, M6 etc? Or does the one weapon last you a while? And am I looking for those anointments on those specific weapons?

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Sorry, I was not trying to link any post in specific in the TG thread, but rather just the whole thread in general. I think I might have screwed that up. :man_shrugging:

I was on Mayhem 4 before Mayhem 2.0 (Mayhem 10) came out, and I jumped straight to M10, farmed a couple key weapons at M10 with my existing M4 gear, and never looked back. But that is me, YMMV. Progress through the Mayhem levels at a pace at which you are comfortable. I advise strongly against playing at a Mayhem level exceeding your gear and experience/skill level - you will get frustrated and it won’t be fun. For me, I prefer to struggle a little at first and not have to re-farm gear to progress through the Mayhem levels. Figure out how you like to do it.

And again, it has been a while since I played on anything other than M10, but on M10, all gear that can drop with anointments, does drop with anointments. I believe that applies across all Mayhem levels, but I cannot recall for certain.

I would start at Mayhem 4, most weapons should be able to handle M4 enemies to get ya started up the chain. Then probably M6 once you get some nice upgrades. Mayhem 8 is a nice place to play as there are only 2 modifiers(easy and very hard).

I went straight to M8, but I had a very potent M4 loadout and the Loot the Universe event really helped me rack up some nice gear quick.

Hint for Mayhem 1st go around.
Gigamind is the easiest Farm IMHO. Spend some time in a higher MH level than you could handle mob wise, and work him over. He drops the Hellshock and you can often also get a Krakatoa. These two will help get the ball rolling as both are still very very good.
As others stated, for normal play, start in MH4 to see how you can handle it.
When it seems not difficult, move up.
Periodically find an easy to get to boss and bump up the MH you feel you can do higher. This gets you gear to help.

As far as FL4K goes, you need to decide how you want to play him for specific gear. If you go Gamma Burst, you definitely want to find the gamma anointed gear.
I have a Gamma FL4K and a Fadeaway FL4K. My Fadeaway just looks for generic anointments not related to VH, where my Gamma is always looking for Gamma anointed gear.

Good luck and have fun :slight_smile:

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Thanks BB. I’ll give it a go.

All true what those fabulous guys told ya.
But if you want to run GB, find a Front Loader shield, equip a Pearl and a Red Fang class mod and find weapons with the 150% dmg when under 50% health (your health).
It’s safe because of the aggro draw of Red Fang and even more dmg than the GB anoints (115 vs 150).

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Eh id argue to ignore this. Front loader builds deal more damage sure but stop you from healing well which is fl4ks biggest issue. Half health always means you will be one shot as soon as a boss or enemy doesnt react to a pet taunt because sometimes they just dont. 115% is more than enough to clear all content fast and effectively with a brainstormer and cutsman/kasom

I do tend to die a lot already.

Hmmm, did not happen to me. Strange. Did you observe mobs or bosses not responding to the red fang’s taunt?

Yeah it happens a lot depending on the enemy, proximity, your dps after the taunt or before it, or just they just ignore the taunt till it ends and then are taunted. Games buggy as hell so this happens a lot. Mostly with robots and melee enemies i think their targeting system is the same

Thx. I need to pay attention to this. I mostly play coop and I have never noticed this.

So I got a recursion, which has made life a bit easier. One more thing I meant to ask. Does it make any difference if I’m playing on TVHM in terms of loot? Should I farm on normal mode? Thanks again!

No difference, only Mayhem matters.

Thanks. I seem to be able to farm Killavolt on M6 now, so hopefully get a monarch soon.

Edit:. Good couple of hours. Got an M6 Monarch, Reflux and Kaosan.

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The Sand Hawk is a great gun for farming bosses on m10 bc its very easy to get. If you dont have m10 gear yet, you can definitely try grab it to make getting gear faster. thats usually where i start

Consecutive hits are the best anointments for reflux/monarch. Try getting a good stackbot/pearl on non-mayhem so its faster. Combine all 3 of those with fadeaway and I guarantee you will wreck mayhem 10!

Once you get those farming anything will be easy, so I recommend getting a skullmasher which is great for any fl4k build.

I got myself a Sandhawk Gelboy! You’re right, it was worth it. Can now farm the Traunts and probably others on M10. I tried Killavolt for an M10 Monarch, but the gear I have won’t do enough damage to him yet.

I also did true takedown of Maliwan Blacksite. Even with Mayhem off, I found Wotan really tough. Could do enough damage, but kept dying.

But I’m definitely making good progress overall.

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Got an M10 incendiary Lob while farming for a Kaosin. Can now comfortably farm Killavolt on M10. Must have done 25 runs to get a monarch, and when I finally got one, it was anointed for Operative, not Fl4k! Bah!!!