How to stay alive in UVHM?

Doesn’t go well with Avalanche, I’m afraid. I just picked up a Tranquility kit, but I’m also considering the 3DD1.3, since I’ve gone down in FFYL quite a few times already. 3DD1.3 is the obvious choice when you wanna stay healthy, but… I just want to use something else. I’ll give that Precision kit a go. I think I used it on Nisha at some point…

Yeah, I could do that, ofc, but… It’s just the stupidity of having to switch from the gun I prefer, just to get a skill going. It simply pisses me off something awful! If I can ever get to terms with that, then I might use her again. The rest of her skills are pretty awesome. Athena’s personality however… :unamused: A sleeping pill if I ever saw one!

I find I switch quite a lot during intense mobbing anyway, because it’s faster than reloading for certain of my favourites. As usual, advice is worth the price paid!

Huh - I guess you haven’t been getting the same vocal lines as I have out of the RNG! That said, I really like the way she plays. I like Aurelia’s skill set, but her voice actor… shudders. Clappy is my LOL-time favourite, and Jack/Timothy has grown on me. I like Willhelm’s pets (and the ability to direct fire). Nisha scares the living daylights out of me.

Anyway, Oz kits - definitely worth experimenting with. Always good to have an Ack-Ack handy for flying enemies, even if you switch back to something else later - every gun becomes a Flakker, but without the need to hit just the right range.

Her dialogue seems rushed, if anything. And it probably was, considering that all the other VH’s are referred to by their own names by the npc’s. Jack calls her “vault hunter” in the opening scenes, and so does Roland in Jack’s office. Still… I find her way more interesting than Athena.

Nisha, Wilhelm and Clappy have really interesting personalities. I like them a lot! Doppelganger is kinda… meh!

So, now… not only do you need to reload one gun… but TWO! :rofl: Yeeeaaah… guess I’m missing something here!

It’s the accent - it’s off, for want of a better word. As someone who grew up in south east London, I know what the accent should sound like, and that’s not it. It’s like listening to Dick van Dyke’s version of cockney in “Mary Poppins”, crossed with nails down the chalkboard.

You reload when everything’s dead…

Precisely! And on top of that, she sounds quite young. Considering that she is Alistair’s sister, and he’s an old fart, she should sound more like an old hag. They sound bitchier! Any old hags present in this forum are excluded, of course.

Even if you run out of ammo… before… everything… is dead? :innocent:

That. Never. Happens. :dukewhistle:

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Build looks nice and should work well. I’d try sneaking in a point into Long-range killer because it’s quite nice for a potential damage boost for 1 point (even though I’ll admit I never really tested how much different ranges get extra damage so take that with a grain of salt).

A lot of people don’t like Whiteout because the visuals can be distracting but I personally really like it. The first point gives the biggest damage reduction so for me it’s a one point wonder. The area is quite big and every enemy inside it just gets a 17 % reduction on their damage? Sold!

If you are using that Celestial Baroness I’d also start working towards getting at least 1 point into Quality, not quantity. You have to waste the points on contract and valet on the way but with the COM that 1 point is immediately 30 % more gun damage and 18 % more firerate and at UVHM you can pretty easily always keep yourself with blue or above weapons since they can last you for a couple of levels more than in BL2 easily.

If you want to go super easy mode and still have the ability to pick up the Fridgia at lvl 50 from the quarantine quest chain I’d go for it. The gun is ridiculous to begin with and once you get 1 kill there is absolutely no way anything short of freeze immune enemies can stay thawed for more than half a second and the sheer dmg output with Avalance, Frostbite, Wintertide and all the raw gun damage and crit bonuses Aurelia packs kills them in seconds. I used a lvl 50 Fridgia just running straight into enemies and spraying into their heads while leveling and it still works at 60+ (not to mention that since you won’t get to 70 in 1 playthrough you can just go pick up another when the time comes).

Wintertide works awesomely with shotguns. It seems to roll freezing chance on every pellet and something not getting frozen in one hit while it is active is pretty much as rare as having someone not get slagged with a Pimp in one shot in BL2. I’ve liked Hyperion and Jacobs shotties on Aurelia a lot. Skullmasher with or without Wintertide is an overkill on her. At about 80+ Dutchess stacks you can oneshot kill pretty much any basic mobs at 70 even when far (2 shots before that if you are far) and it’s again awesome with Wintertide in case there’s something around that can withstand a shotgun/sniper blast straight to the face making it another very good option for something you can go pick up every once in a while if you need a gear upgrade as it is in Nel’s loot pool.

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For some general advice since you asked if it’s like BL2 or different I’d say it’s the same but easier. Enemies don’t have as much health and no regen but shields tend to be a bit tankier in this game.

Every character has the ability to quickly create or close distance because of double jump boosting out of a spring is such a fast way to move. Slams are also a universal tool and do both quite a bit of damage and stun enemies a bit so it’s universal close range AOE / breathing room tool. Psychos can still run back and jumpkick you or slam you themselves upclose but it makes Kraggons an absolute joke because you can play Super Mario on their heads and just double jump off them indefinitely if they ever even get close enough to you (provided they don’t resist your slams elemental). You can also get into a habit of immediately pressing crouch if someone knocks you back, especially in a low gravity area as that will ground you from the air right then and there canceling the knockback.

Vendor checking is a reliable way to get blues and purples although I always felt a bit strapped on cash while I was leveling Aurelia (I never took another character to 70 in this game, it’s SO SLOW). Might very well be that I just wasn’t picking stuff up for selling tho. I grinded everything green and above and never had problems with gear while leveling so if I have to say something nice about that contraption it does make it so you don’t run into a gear draught and end up having to go farming for gear.

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I haven’t tried it since I’m already finding it difficult to land crits while the DoT numbers and the freeze effect is swirling around the enemy heads. The fact that the centerspot on my sniper scope is almost the same color as the ice doesn’t exactly help. But I’ll give it a go! At least then, I’ll know what the hell I’m talking about! :slight_smile:

Yep! That’s the plan.

Never really liked that gun, but I also never thought about how it would be with Aurelia’s skills. I’ll give it a go! :+1:t3:

That’s also something I didn’t think of! I’ve pretty much stayed away from shotties on her, but that piece of advice surely makes sense. Thanks! I’ll go and insult Nel when the time comes, and see if he has a nice shiny for me. Really looking forward to climbing those towers! Yes, sir! No sarcasm there! :scream:

I really appreciate the advice I got from both of you, @VaultHunter101 and @Lammas. Thanks!

And as always… A special shoutout goes to @Gulfwulf for those awesome Torgue memes. Did you know that a Bonus Package works reeeally well on a bunch of frozen enemies? I’m surprised that it’s not considered Top Gear for Aurelia.


Bloody hell! This ain’t no joke! :scream: Zarpedon just ripped me a third one. :flushed: I’m afraid to even think of how the upcoming fights against the Sentinel and the bosses in Clappy dlc are going to look. I was cruising along with the gear I got at level 50, and I was doing just fine, and then… BOOM! I had to get out and farm for some better gear, and finally… I got her! :sweat_smile:

I was relying heavily on my Laser Disker reloads, but I might as well have thrown it off the side instead. It barely scratched the paint on her. The strategy that finally got me through it was to Frostbite her, and use a shock Thinking. The Vibra Pulse seemed to work best on the phase where she was still suited. I had no idea that she had that massive shield regen. :rofl: She’s always died like a little bitch in NVHM and TVHM, so it caught me completely off guard.

I’d really appreciate some strategy advice on that fight, since I’ll be doing it again at some point.

You’ve already hit on the main thing - shock weaponry. IIRC you might be able to interrupt her shield regen? It’s when she does the punch-the-deck pose. You can try using the plasma cylinders to take out a chunk of shield in one go. Once she’s out of the suit, the main thing is to get the signal for those novas and time either a jump or cover so you don’t get put straight into FFYL.

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OK! I’ll see about getting me a nice shock weapon for the next fight with her. I’ll also try and interupt the regen, but I think I’m gonna stay away from the plasma cylinders. It blows up in my face almost every time I try that tactic. Zarp or one of her minions seem to time their shots…

Zarpedon is one of the absolute hardest things in the game for Aurelia. Sometimes she doesn’t last 20 seconds but if she gets on a roll it’s a nightmare.

Her crit is hard to hit so trying to get as much burst in while she’s relatively still is how I try to do it but as the fight prolongs the soldiers start getting into your way, those cylinders are a main annoyance as you can get stuck on them, some of Zarp’s own attacks are really hard to avoid and if you go down to FFYL the soldiers can be fighting Jack or be behind cylinders somewhere 100 miles away and your boss is actually quite often stealing your second wind enemies :smiley: Helpful chap…

I don’t really understand her shield regen thingy. I think I’ve stopped it once but I have no idea how. Would be nice to know actually, it’s really painful to have to rip her shield again. A couple of my best fights with a caustic The Machine she never got around to jumping around or jumping only once and never got to recharging in the first place.

Yeah, it’s really good. It freezes super well and with Wintertide and it’s split ammo it freezes even better. The damage with your gundamage boosts is great and I didn’t really bother with ADS with it outside of having a quicker burst on a frozen enemy or freezing an Outlaw without killskills faster since moving while shooting and your firerate bonuses just felt a lot easier.

EDIT: I checked what I said about it in my own build guide and remembered this golden nugget that absolutely helped me with this fight on many occasions: Transfusion grenades. If you even think you might be going to take damage toss one out. It helps survivability in this fight a lot! Shock is probably the best because of Zarps shield and it generally being damage neutral against most things. I never saw my cryo one freeze anyone so I should make the switch myself, haha. I never used a Leech in this game but I’d imagine it works really well too.


The fridgia? Things absolutely broken. Especially on claptrap. .lol

I made it! Level 70 achieved! :balloon: I took your advice, and started using the Fridgia. That thing is a monster in Aurelia’s hands.

I fought her again today, and this time I had that part figured out. You need to stagger her! From what I could tell, you could do this by either scoring a crit or tossing a grenade straight at her. At one point, I manged to get a ton of damage in while she was charging. I don’t think I scored a crit that time, but it seemed that the sheer damage made her stagger. Further testing needs to be done on this.


Strange. I could swear I once emptied a full shock Droog into her crit while she’s charging and all I ended up with was one less mag of ammo left. Maybe I remember that wrong.

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You might be right! I don’t recall her staggering if you crit her while she’s moving around. I’ll go back to the old drawing board, and have look at it again. See if I can’t figure it out. It’s entirely possible that it’s actually the power generatorsin the floor that you need to damage, rather than Zarp. The plot thickens! Thanks for the feedback!

While I was totally off on the actual mechanics with this statement, I wasn’t far off. And this time, I think I’ve got it!

I tried shooting the powercores. I tried landing crits. And I also tried shooting the actual arm that she sticks in the powercore. Nothing! What actually made her stagger, and disrupt the recharge, every time I did it, was draining her shield down to zero while it was recharging. That’s why I was able to get results with grenades and crits on the first try. The damage dealt was enough to take down her shield, and that made me draw the wrong conclusions.

I would like others to test this to confirm it, but I think I got it right this time. :sun_with_face:

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Hmmh, well I’m not in a position to go test it out but when I emptied that shock droog into her crit, her shield definitely went empty and she didn’t stop but instead just continued on and recharged all the way back up anyway. But like I said earlier, I might misremember. Been a while since I played this game.

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It’s not fact until it’s confirmed! :wink:

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