How to stop people from whining about new content


I could’nt help but notice the septic feedback from the majority of our community, so I figured (as an engineer) I would try to find a way to help fix the problem. ^^

First, let me just say that I think the story so far is extremely compelling for a first-person shooter. I would have liked our silver tounged jacobs boi to have been the traitor near the end of the 3rd world vault, but overall, me and my best friend have thoroughly enjoyed the series so far.

So why all the hate for new content? It seems to me like the “I am entitled to everything right this instant” crowd seems to have forgone the fact that legendaries are wildly abundant and easily farmable, and want to fling feces at anything that makes them have to farm it again. Basically, right now that is the biggest legitimate gripe: That with a new level cap, new legendaries have to be farmed over again.

So you have the elitists saying its too easy to farm uniques and the newbros whining its too hard to re-farm legendaries. Oh! Your leg! It’s caught in a BEAR TRAP!

Well, why not implement a system that allows players to spend an exorbitant amount of eridium, scaled by rarity and difference between its level and the players current level that allows them to scale an item from its current level to the players level, while decreasing the legendary drop rate by a flat %50?

This would make it so that people who spend all day farming can spend their eridium in general after making earls shop obsolete, while making it so that a new level cap does not mean they have to re-farm the same boss for hundreds of hours for a specific legendary variant and get them back in the game (increasing the variety of enemies and story segments they fight and improving their overall experience)?

Thoughts and opinions?

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