How to take screenshots?

I wanted to take some nice screenshots today and spent about 1 hour setting my formations and scenery only to find out that Prtscreen key doesn’t work.

Is there another key for taking screenshots? And where are these saved? In steam folder or In HW folder?

Scroll Lock - at least in HW2C and HWRM (I don’t remember what key it was in HW1C). Saves to HomeworldRM/Bin/SCREENSHOTS/ in .jpg.

At least for HWRM, Steam recognizes that folder and should let you upload them to your online steam library.

As a side note, Fraps also captures screenshot in HWRM just fine, and similar software should too.

thanks a lot

press F12 whilst in game to take snapshots, they get stored in the Steam folder. if you take any “In game” you normally get a pop up asking you if you want to do anything with them when you exit back to Windows. Or you can access them any time through steam when your logged on.

Look in the view tab (top left of screen) and select Screenshots from the menu. :slight_smile: