How to tell if someone quit MP game?

If someone is playing and all their stuff just disappears and it says they left the game, then does that mean they just quit to windows? Or did they crash?

Sometimes, there is s light hiccup in game before all their stuff disappears which I always took as being a crash. Other times all their stuff just disappears. Is this quit to windows?

There is really no good way to tell, if they pull out their network cable you would have the same issue. If they quit or crash everyone in the game just sees the disappearing ships. Their ships will scuttle if they use the surrender option.

I have this strong feeling that it’s a crash when my game lags a for a couple of seconds and then it shows someone left.

But really, I think you are right, there may be no way to tell for sure.

The game lag is due to the peer to peer nature of the game, everyone tries to contact the now gone player causing all games to pause while trying.

I don’t know why GB can’t make CPU take over when the player left the game .

That is why I’m thinking that little game stutter right before a player abruptly disappears could either them crashing, or ctrl- alt- deleting ?

The slow disconnects, the disconnects that we see coming while in game, could be cord disconnect (but who does that nowadays?), or it could be exit to windows more likely?

CPU takeovers would be great, as well as a ‘join in game’ option, so players can take over their current bot in case of said crash, or for players to join in cpu matches in general.

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