How to Thorn? (Curse)

So Thorn has always been one of my favourite Battleborn (besides Miko). Not only is she my favourite in character, but her play style also. The main reason I’ve stayed away from her is because I’ve been able to play other damage dealing Battleborn more effectively. I always looked at her like this;

Must land arrows, charged or not. Non charged arrows were faster and seemed to have better results. Use Blight mainly for wave cleaning and assisting in killing enemy Battleborn (slow helix option). Volley for burst damage against enemy Battleborn and to assist in wave clear.

I never really paid attention to curse. I’m not sure if I’m the only one though. But now I’m starting to work around it, incorporating it, and it’s working out brilliantly. I land a fully charged cursed arrow, the enemy is highlighted. I drop a Blight under their feet and burst them with volley. If abilities are on cooldown, I do what I can to continue hitting them with charged arrows. Non charged arrows to finish someone off or damage minion waves. I’ve been scoping in with the bow more frequently as well and accuracy increases greatly. I was always so frantic with my aim and rate of fire, but taking time to hit targets pays off. I’m still learning as I continue to use her more though. Oh, and sorry for ignoring you curse :disappointed_relieved:


Probably the best way to practice keeping targets cursed is to take Hexsanguination (level 5, right helix). It gives constant bleed damage to all cursed targets while the curse is active. Just focus on trying to keep the bleed damage active as much as you can - her lore gear is great for this.

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I’m on her last challenge which is kill enemy Battleborn with volley in mid air. I’ve done it a few times but I wasn’t trying at that point. I know what to do, it’s finding the right opportunity. I couldn’t decide between extending curse and its damage increase effect, or adding bleed damage. I used to always add bleed but I saw someone mention that extending it is the best option. I’ve managed to finish off a few enemy players with that bleed effect though.

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Bleed is great, because the DoT also prevents people from recalling and prevents their shields from charging. Which is incredibly useful considering how long the effect lasts.

Edit: also that is definitely her hardest lore challenge. Your best bet is to take Focused Volley (level 4, helix mutation) and try to crit all 3 arrows.

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Ive never really played her or marquis much because id drag the team down and we dont have a real “practice” match up for lack of a better example like overwatch’s quick play. I think lacking a ranked mode makes the regular mode more serious if you will, making it harder to bring just any character you’re looking to practice in at the risk of hurting the team play. That might change soon though it looks like

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My idea was to weaken a target and finish them off with volley. Others have done it, so I’m sure I can :yum:

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Heck, I did it back before they nerfed the challenges to make them easier. Vaulting Hunter really helps too.

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This is what you do:

Jump a lot, and I mean a lot. If half of your 200 apm is not clicking the jump button you are not going to succeed. :+1:

Select the helix option that puts curse on volley and maybe cursing in blight. Not fire a full charged arrow ever again!

Half fire arrows gives you roughly 50% a full charged arrow but is light years faster. Only draw back is sometimes they misssssss. :sunglasses:

When attempting to kill an enemy always hit them with volley first. Curse will turn that normally 750 damage ultimate of yours into a sick nasty 1k+ killing machine!:+1::muscle:

When contemplating your skill build if it doesn’t start with Bola’s and end with Target finder you should find a new item!:sunglasses:

Remember to keep high in the sky, because its raining green balls all day.:sunglasses:

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I always curse when im going to blight followed by a jump and crit volley.

I play middle/close range thorn (her lore forced me to play like that) i use voxis core and bolas, i try to curse when the enemy looks for help in a minion wave and blight to deal a 20% extra dmg + curse + ult if i can.

Muahahahaha Mage thorn is the best thorn

If you have good accuracy you can go with power attack+hp, skill dmg+hp and extra hp+hp


Over all the time I played Thorn I switched to blight under her feet.

  1. She can crit and curse way faster.
  2. It gives her a level of hurt against back stabbers.
  3. You don’t ever miss tossing one.
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Those are really good arguments and it seems like a pretty good offensive build (I assume you take Nockout on level 5 with that), but I believe it requires you to have mastered positioning and movement with her.
(I’m not so sure I want to give up the Speed Boost from Fell Wind, since movement speed can be used both for offense and defense and makes for ‘safer’ gameplay on a lower skill level.)

I usually run her like this, so I can secure kills with Volley+WotW, but I’ll definitely give Cursed Earth another try (haven’t used that helix since shortly after launch :smile: ).

Yeah, I thought so too, but most of the time someone else gets the kill. It’s still the only thing that keeps me from getting her mastered.

I found Capture/Faceoff to be the most ideal for this.
Forces people to group together and you can level quickly.

Blast and bog-damn you, Thorn!

  • How to Curse (Thorn)
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Pahahaha! Puns.

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