How To Transfer Saves

Hi guys,

I just picked up THC, and being the person I am, I was wondering how to transfer saves across from 360 to the One.

I’m asking as I don’t want to mess things up and corrupt my saves on either console.

This applies to both Pre Sequel and BL2.


Log onto your xbox 360, and choose the character you want to upload, and at the bottom of the list of options, where you can choose to buy add-ons and input shift codes, I believe there was an “Upload Character” option

Then when you go on your Xbox 1, I think it pulls it down for use straight away.

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Awesome, thank you for that!

The full gory details are right here:

Not sure why that isn’t pinned here, though?

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Sweet, cheers VH101!

found the above link here, Details on Handsome Collection Cross Save Functionality (UPDATED 4/2) , may even find more of use in there also,

well never mind , its Friday and my mind has obviously already shut down in anticipation of the weekend, just posted the same thing you did

Thanks for the replies guys, I’m gonna stick with my Siren for now (as I’ve just restarted the game from complete scratch, with no characters, 0 BA rank etc.) and when either I hit lvl72 with her or I get bored enough I’ll transfer my saves.

I’ll back them up just in case though.

This is ALWAYS a good plan!

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Without a doubt!

I get weird over stuff like this. It’s just the way I am!