How to transfer silver keys (from vault card chest) between characters?

I’ve got 5 keys on my 65 but I want to use the keys on a different character, is it possible to transfer the keys? Sees like it would, since the xp bar is shared between alts

Theres no way to transfer, but the keys are universally, kind of like how Guardian tokens work. If you unlock five on one character, you can redeem them on any other character.

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Well crap, I guess I have a different problem then because so far none of my alts has the 5 keys I should have

Weird - so I got the 5th key, opened the vault card to reroll a super soldier, but there were no keys. I went through all my alts and no keys, and then returned to the alt that got the 5th key and there is a super soldier in the inventory… weird. But this is what I wanted so…

I’ve had at least one instance of the number of VC keys not displaying on the echo tab until the character had been reloaded.

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