How to troubleshoot Access Violations?

Howdy all,

So the new version of the old “I have no idea wtf is going on” crash is the Access Violation it seems. Question for devs/fellow modders, any recommendations for troubleshooting these? Unlike General Failures, they don’t seem to generate any useful error messages in the hwrm.log file.

Some obvious first steps already completed are:
-try rolling back any changes you recently made
-luatrace switch does not seem to add any info
-search for typos, missing files, mismatched files, etc

You obviously forgot the most important step: Panic!

j/k Hope you guys get it sorted :smile:


Someone needs to get their lumberjack hat on and get with some logging :sunglasses:

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bumping this as I just converted all of my hods with rodoh and using the scan path made it very efficient to get dae files. Unfortunately even though doing batch .dae->.hod works, when loading into the game it gives me access violations on some indeterminate number of ships. my current solution is to restore all of the legacy hods and drop in a few new ones at a time until I find one that is causing a crash and then start debugging that. (in the ships I am converting I have had no hodor errors) then start with the next few ships and hope they work.

if anyone is wondering why this is so time consuming, I have 521 ship folders to go through, with probably 260 unique hods. not looking forward to this activity without out some better debugging and logging (either command line or some sort of hod inspection script that I can batch) I will have to do the same for subsystems, though I may be more deliberate with those since I am redoing a lot of those.