How to unlock class mod

i cannot figure out how to unlock class mod for load out. i am level 11 and have 2 class mods for flak in back pack but cant apply them because of locked symbol. same with artifact option. please help and thank you

They are just locked by the story, nothing you really need to do other than the story missions.

Mods unlock as you progress. Guardian rank happens once you beat the story

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to be precise they unlock after the first vault I believe

This bothered me a lot. I see no reason why coms should drop before you’re actually able to use them. I found myself checking every level to see if I could finally equip one of my several coms I’d picked up

yeah, didn’t understand it either, but what can ya do, well besides asking them to remove coms from drops before you can actually equip them or give you the option to equip them from the start

More loot to sell to pay for the outrageous cost of sdu upgrades.

But it’s better than needing eridium to upgrade with crazy earl

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I mean, sdus arent that pricy, well until you buy a lot of them, but I think they are meant to scale with the player, so the farther to you, the more money you have around, the more sdus you cna buy and so on and so on

Class mods unlock after you beat Gigamind if I’m not mistaken.