How to unlock Steam Achievements with a profile save from Epic?


I bought the game on Steam and I want to unlock all the achievements. I ported over my save from Epic and everything went smoothly. My inventory and profile setting were all ported over. The only thing missing is the achievements.

I started a new character to unlock them as I played through the game, and that works as it should. However, there are some achievements for cosmetics that I can’t unlock because I’ve previously unlocked them, and I can’t register them again. That makes it impossible for me to unlock those achievements.

Is there a fix for this?

I’ve wondered the same thing, and I’m thinking the only way right now to unlock that achievement is unlocking new cosmetics from future DLC. I’ve noticed that cosmetics bought from Earl don’t seem to count, as I had a ton I never got around to buying from him for Zane and FL4K and buying all those didn’t trigger the achievement. So I guess it’s only cosmetic items that drop in-world alongside other loot.

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I actually figured it out with some help from GrzesPL.

Take a look here

First you have to make a backup of your profile save, then you have to delete your profile save and disable cloud saves from Steam.

After that, you can start up the game and purchase what you need from Earl (assuming you have enough Eiridum with that character you made on Steam) and unlock all the cosmetics and rewards you have picked up.

After you’ve done that, you have to quit the game and restore your original profile save and and activate Steam saves again, and everything should be okay. I was able to unlock everything I needed this way. Hope this helps!

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Oops I was mistaken about stuff bought from Earl… that’s a whole different achievement (My Name Is Earl) from the Bolt-Ons one (unlock 10 heads/skins, which I presume are indeed the ones you find as drops). The Earl one did work as intended.

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Yes, it’s two different achievements, but both will work if you just delete the profile save and restore it once you’re done.

With Bolt-Ons, you’ll need to keep 10 cosmetic drops in your backpack and you’ll be able to unlock them once you delete the profile save.

With My Name is Earl, you need to have enough Eiridum to buy 20 items from Earl with the character you made on Steam. Trinkets are the best options as they are the cheapest.

I did them both at once and restored my profile save once I unlocked both achievements.

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