How to upgrade from Standard to Deluxe edition

Hello, I originally purchased the Standard game. I made the purchase 3 weeks ago. I have a level 25 character, however I am wondering if there is any way to upgrade to the deluxe version other than just purchasing the full deluxe version game and buying the game twice. My friend got me the grenade that gives you money however I cannot use it because it says I require the upgrade. If there is a way to upgrade to the deluxe version, or to be able to use that grenade, either works. TIA.

I am not aware of any current means of simply upgrading. It’s possible that the add-ons may be made available later on for sale, but there are no guarantees of that.

If the money grenade is anything like the XP/loot booster shield, though, it may not be worth your while? The shield provides diminishing returns as you level up, so it’s only really useful up to level 10.