How To Use Ernest In Capture & FaceOff?

Ok, so, I’ve got about 800 matches in with Ernest, but the vast majority of those have been in Incursion and Meltdown modes.

I want to start taking him up 1000 matches, which means I want to use him in damn near every match I play.

So…I have jokingly used Ernest in both Capture and FaceOff but it seems like neither of those modes is very suited to his particular skill set.

Can mah main chicken Ernest be used effectively in Capture and FaceOff, and, if so, how?

Tactics, gear, helix choices, strategies…thanks in advance!

I know Rotten Egg can autoclear Varelsi points for you since enemies won’t target it.


And just like that, my mind is blown. I never knew that’s what people were doing with that before!


@vagrantsun so just leave it at the Varelsi and go do other things?

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Yeah. I’d bring a shard/wrench combo with a white vial, pick a couple close points, and run back and forth between them spawning Varelsi as fast as possible. Powerlevel till RE and then leave it on a point and come back to pick up the masks and spawn more every minute or so.Take push mines to get around faster and the cooldown reduction at 5 to spam them for escape/disruption.

It’s also worth noting that Minefield + RE makes depositing masks impossible, should you have to rush the point.



Cool! Thanks!

Any Ernest Capture pointers?

Pick a Capture point and try to hold it / push people off of it?


Yeah, back when he was one of my mains, i found Ernest’s push-charges to be incredibly useful for keeping people off of Capture points; you can even blow rushing melee characters off of the side of the map on Temples “C”, with good timing.


When the F^CK was ERNEST one of your mains?!?

Did you know I used to main Toby back in the day?




You want to find a point and defend it generally. Find one with a supply station and camp it, preferably with the egg behind cover. Point C in Outback and Point A in Snowblind are excellent examples, both bearing supply stations and obstructions to hide the egg behind. Both also have multiple vertical levels - practice bouncing up levels with the charge to escape the omnipresent melee assassins in this mode. Dump the minefield when someone approaches and dare them to come in. Pre-lay charges in opportune jumping positions and in front of lines of attack. It’s unorthodox but highly effective. Temples lacks a good equivalent, but you can always try to blow someone off C at least, or over the railings at (I think it’s A? The other outdoors point).

I would highly recommend shard gen, white reload, and wrench. Build everything to level 1 to force enemies to waste time on turrets but no more to conserve shards. You’re an engineer - act like it.

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Before i took it into my head to master all of the Rogues minus Pendles, to satisfy my OCD by having my five mains from one faction, my mains were Toby, Orendi, ISIC, Ernest and Benedict, in that order. I was better with all of the Aviants than any other characters at that point in time.


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Cuz I didn’t!!!

My joke failed…


Did you master all the Rogues minus Pendakka?

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Yep, and they are all at 20 as well, i believe. I may not be the best Orendi or Reyna, but i feel i play them better than most, and my S&A and Whiskey are at least good enough to not disappoint my team in most cases. In reality, Toby, Orendi and Reyna are the only ones i’d feel comfortable playing competitively against skilled players.

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Just don’t!

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