How to use game (lobby) chat

I have always used a party for voice chat when playing co-op. I was invited into a game recently where there was no party. I could hear everyone but they could not hear me.

What have I done wrong or what do i need to do for lobby chat.

My sincerest apologies if this is the most ridiculous noob question but all google searches come up about party chat.

@damien_hine sorry to bale on you but I didn’t want to be the lame one in the party.


Don’t know, but always use party, the quality is way much better than in-game chat. Always.


I was host and I simply invited everybody to play. Some mics were working but Eldee’s wasn’t. Is there something I could have done to fix it? Seems odd that it worked for some people and not others :thinking:


I tested my mic and it was being detected. The interwebs seems to indicate that there can be issues with lobby or in game chat.

Interesting… Well hopefully next time it’ll just work.