How to use grog nozzel with characters other than salvador

this is a weird question but I am somewhat confused about how the grog nozzel is used by other character it was pretty useful with the gunzerker but I am playing as Maya now and I barely use it I am not sure if it’s because I am in TVHM but it just doesn’t seem as useful as with salvador am I wrong

I don’t think there’s a trick to it? Wield it for huge healing, shoot it for slagging, and when you get drunk, switch to another weapon to transfer that effect. With Salvador, you’ve probably got two guns going, so damage from one equates to healing from the 'nozzle. With other characters, unless you’re using a delayed-action weapon/DoT or a grenade, the Grog Nozzle by itself doesn’t put out too much damage, so not much is returned.

Maya doesn’t realm need it, she’s not weak like Sal :slight_smile:

Why would you want to use a Grog Nozzel on a character who’s skill tree makes her a walking grog nozzel? Just get a good DPS gun and check out some of the builds on the Maya forum.

When you are not playing Sal the best way to use the healing effect of the grog nozzle is to use a chain lightning grenade. Its basically insta healing.


^This. If you don’t have a chain lightning, a lightning bolt, quasar, or tesla would do. There’s a video in the Maya v. Hyperius thread that demonstrates this.

Any damage you do while holding the gun will heal, so grog to slag, nades and abilities for delivering pain and getting some health. Please remember that all Moxxi guns heal it’s just the grog heals more.