How to use her ultimate well?

I’m trying to get use to her. But whenever I try her ult, I die, get stunned or they run out of area (i tend to go invisible first, then use her ult). And it doesn’t hit the bosses in algorithm mission (haven’t used her on the other mission yet). The few times I get ot to work it kills minions well but not other players, even when just one of them are in the area.

Well you’re ready to ult someone, leave your holotwin in the middle of the field to take aggro. Go off to the side and aim your ult at the player. You can move the cone if they start to move around.

You probably die because of minions firing or you have a status effect, which allows people to still kind of see you.

Make sure their health is low enough before launching your alt. Atleast 50% for squishy players and 25% for tanks. If you don’t kill them, you are wide open at the end of it (even though they usually run away faster than light)

Also bosses are immune to the stun so it can’t hit them from what I’ve noticed.

Yeah, I use the clone, it’s the only qay I get a chance. It just doesn’t do enough, especially when multiple enemies are in the cone, it feels like it needs to hit everyone for 500 rather than being split up. Doesn’t feel very ultimate-y.
I really like her design and fighting style but no matter how much I try her I get worked. Only way I’ve had her be useful is turn her into ranged attacker, but she moves so slowly and she can’t do long range.

Her ultimate might seem weak on it’s own but it’s capable of leaving multiple enemy players stunned for a really long time (seems like more than the average 2 seconds but maybe I’m making that up). In other words, use it with teammates to secure a kill… Or several.

It seems like 2 seconds to me lol. But she’s meant to be an assassin is the thing. Her ultimate feels more like a R1 skill. You get penalised for getting multiple enemies in the cone, which sucks. Even when it hits me, I’m like ‘oh I’m dead’ but I still live by a couple of hundred, and think ‘woooow I should’ve been goooone.’ I don’t fear getting hit by hers, unlike most of everyone elses. It’s very underwhelming to me and not very ultimate like.

I really like her Ult. While I agree her Ult is not powerfully, it is extremely usefully for locking characters down. While the hits do generate a stun effect but while a character is being struck they are also stunned. This usually allows my team to rush the character.

Just my 2 cents.