How to Use the Wanderlust?

Hello everybody, I think I’ve found the ONLY practical use for the wanderlust pistol. Ok so the wanderlust has a 1.0 accuracy, really low base damage, and the projectiles ricochet toward the nearest enemy after hitting a surface. The only way I’ve found to use this pistol is to kinda sit back and let it hit some enemies behind cover and then use something else to eliminate the enemy. This tactic is the same for slag, the pistol can slag enemies behind cover and then use another gun to finish off the enemy. I really wanted to find a use for the pistol since it’s a pearlescent, I figured there’s got to be some use for it. Does anybody agree/disagree with this approach to the pistol? Outside of this idea, this pistol is absolutely worthless.

It’s good with Anarchy (as many guns are), but for very high stack counts, you don’t lose half your DPS counting on Close Enough to hit targets for you. I also don’t think it has to hit a wall to aim for an enemy? Fire it from a distance, and shots that go high will bank in the sky towards the target.

It’s good for sniping as Zer0 and you want to slag a target but not alert it to your presence. Fire a few rounds then immediately go into Decepti0n. The rounds will pop while you’re invisible, slag the enemy, and it still won’t see you because the damage happened while you were in Decepti0n. If you throw your hologram away from the targets, and your shot out of Decepti0n kills the enemy, the rest of the camp shouldn’t go aggro. Taking out an entire encampment without them ever seeing you like this is a fun little challenge.

Am I the only one that likes the Wanderlust? (Maybe: I like all e-tech weapons). I have an OP3 fire one, and it kills fleshy things just fine; I don’t even use it with Anarchy or for sniping as explained above (I use an e-tech dart for this purpose).