How to video record a crash

I am getting regular blue screen crashes and would like to provide some video evidence for a support ticket. Is there a way to record the crash on PS4? Once it has happened I cannot clip the video in the usual way.

BTW, crashes happen with my phaseslam amara, M10, modifiers: speed demon, healy avenger, laser fare, holy crit.

And are most frequent when repeatedly farming K Jr

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Don’t think you’d get much luck with the in-console recorder as I believe it only records gameplay. If your game shuts down, it stops recording.
I’d suggest your phone, but if you’re wanting to catch a crash actually taking place and can’t predict when said crash will happen, then I guess that’s not a useful set up. But if you can replicate the crash easily, then yeah I’d say use your phone and force the crash to happen again to show how it happens.
Otherwise there are external gameplay recorders that you can use that some streamers/youtubers use which gives more consistent game recording, however they cost quite a bit of money and also I’m not sure which of those record crashes either, if any.


Thanks for the ideas. Yep, not totally predictable for filming on a phone, and currently don’t have the funds for (or a PC powerful enough to run) an external video recorder/PC capture card. Guess it will be a written report only.

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No problem! If it’s just BL3 thats crashing and nothing else, then you’re not the only one have problems, sadly. Mayhem 2.0 has especially been making our PS4s struggle a lot, some getting a lot more crashes than others. Fingers crossed they fix it soon.