How to win 95% of PVP matches - Incursion on Overgrowth

-Pick Marquis

-Move to stairs of the high-ground on your team’s side of the middle area of the map

-Continuously snipe the tip of the shield of the first sentry

With this method, it takes around 3 minutes to take down the enemy
team’s first sentry. After that, it’s not rare for your team to take the
game within 10 minutes.

There appears to be a bug where after you blow the sentry’s shields,
the shield will often remain visible and register as a hit-point for
your extremely damaging bullets. Even without this bug, it’s extremely
rudimentary to blow the first sentries shield within minutes of the
beginning of the match, but the bug allows you to destroy the sentry

I’m posting this in hopes that it’s fixed sooner rather than later.
Until then, enjoy steamrolling everyone, and say goodbye to those 30
minute matches.

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GBX have said they’ll be fixing this in their next patch.

To add to this: With ISIC, jump off the cliff to enter the double Thrall area. Plasma Dash to the enemy cliff. Take out the thumper turret then pick away at the Sentry shield while using the wall for cover. Once the Sentry shield is down, activate Rotating Wards(with reflect) and walk out into the open while firing. Sentry kills itself.

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Current Marquis trick is annoying but you can deal with it until they patch. Marquis trying to hit the sentry is not hitting people in the field. As the game start, buy the lightning turret and start pushing minions with team constantly. If you do this, Marquis will be forced to stop sniping. Usually, unless Marquis is getting load of kills, he will have lower than average level (low minion count and low buildable since he’s always forced to snipe) and you can just 100-0 him depending on what level your character spike.

Here’s another way to get 99% win of PVP match though

-Level Galilea to 7 in character rank
-Pick Galilea.



Ruins the experience, though surely. The game is way too enjoyable to be cheesing matches for easy wins! :slight_smile:

Also with ISIC on Overgrowth you can stand on your team’s sniper spot and block the enemy Marquis’ sight of the sentry by activating Rotating Wards with reflect upgrade. That’s more of a stalling tactic; the Marquis will catch on and wait for the wards to dissipate.

A more effective tactic is Plasma Warping to the enemy Marquis’ sniping spot while reflect wards are up and punching him in the face. It’s an attention-getter for my other teammates and they often push when they see it, giving me the back-up I need. And then I pop ult…

Gotta get those character unlocks.