How to wipe Guardian Rank?

Hi all, I recently purchased Borderlands 3 for steam and have been playing around with new characters and seeing how it performs on PC. Recently, I downloaded another user’s save to test something and unfortunately, their Guardian Rank carried over to my account.

I went from never having unlocked Guardian Rank (never even got to Sanctuary III), to now having a 132/87/86 spread and all stats at roughly 10%. How do I fix this? It appears to be tied to my entire account (whether my computer, steam, or shift, I’m not sure). I’d like to have it back to being locked away until I beat the story myself.

I’m fully ok with deleting every character and progress if need be (I’ve done it already with no luck). I’ve also wiped my “profile” file from the gamesaves folder in mydocuments under borderlands 3 and verified game files. that’s about as much as I can figure out myself so I figured I’d ask here. Thanks!

From what I know, Guardian Ranks, Eridium, Golden Keys are stored in So deleting this “should” clear your data but I see that You already did this. Of course You would need to turn off cloud saves too :thinking:

I’m thinking it’s the cloudsaves that’s the issue but don’t know how/where to disable it or force local data to overwrite cloud data

To fully reset your GR’s you must:
1: Backup your save folder
2: Delete your save folder
Yup, on one of the patches they fubar GR & it’s now stored in BOTH bank (profile.sav) and in EVERY character file (1.sav, 2.sav,etc)

When you relaunch the game you’ll have to set the brightness/black level but the GR will be reset & all new characters will have 0 GR

God. Finally find someone facing same problem as mine.

I was wondering this guardian “bug” after playing my 31 level zane. I surely downloaded others’ save and I didn’t care until yesterday.
I found that if you copy someone’s save and you launch the game without any backups, the guardian level changes. Seems like gearbox makes guardian levels both in your profile.sav and each character’s sav. And the cloudsave left me no backups.

Now my zane is gone. RIP. I hope there will be Saveeditor like BL2.

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I hope you didn’t delete it yet!

I figured out how to change mine, but no idea how to do it where every character isn’t wiped, but I think it might be possible.

For me, I was deleting every save and the profile.sav on my pc, but when I started the game again, they were all there as if I never altered them. Turns out, it was pulling from the cloud storage.

So what I did was right click BL3 in steam and de-select cloud saving so that it stopped saving whatever was loaded, then I deleted everything. When I went in, everything remained deleted and I created a new character, who didn’t have any guardian rank anymore. I then re-enabled the cloudsaves and they then began to sync based on my hard drive, fixing my issue.

I wonder, if you just move your saves elsewhere, and delete your profile.sav and deselect cloud storage, if that will fix your issue. I’d say start a new character to make sure guardian is still 0, then transfer your zane save over and see if that keeps guardian rank 0. I’m not sure if at that point your Zane is “tainted” with the guardian rank, or if that’ll fix it, but it’s worth a try.

Thx bro. The cloud save is really a problem that I forgot to mention 3d ago.

In my memories, I tried to clean profile.sav and cloud save, started a new moze, and then transferred my old zane back, but the guardian ranks was still not 0.

I am not 100% sure cause I really don’t want to tried again. LOL

The thing is, I was doing all the same as you did, said goodbye to my old saves, and everything remains normal till now, a new zane with 0 guardian ranks(enable until 1st finish the game).

I searched our problems in other forums. Some say once we use others’ save with cloud save on, the guardian ranks will be “infected” and the virus will stay in each save and profile.sav. I guess maybe a 850-guardian-rank-zane could cover another 255-guardian-rank-FL4K. Still don’t wanna try…

Anyway, I think I should not use other saves on my BL3. And I still hope a BL3 save editors.
Goodluck with our new stories.

There seems to be some confusion: Cloud save has zero impact on Guardian Ranks. If you load a save file that already has some GR in it, that amount is added to you bank (and then to all your other characters). Doesn’t matter where it came from.

Obviously if you’re trying to clear out your local files, then having cloud saves on will require extra work.