How to WRECK new raid bosses Eclipse and EOS [Build]

This is my favorite Jack build that works perfectly for annihilating the bosses in only 10 minutes in UVHM. I have been farming him easily at level 55, so I am just going to show the build I am using at level 55. Do whatever you want with the rest of the skill points. (Does NOT involve building up Money is Power stacks though it does increase your DPS)

The Build

Free Enterprise

5/5 Incentives
5/5 High Frequency Trading
1/1 Money Is Power
5/5 Company Man (10/5 with Indistinguishable Projection com)
5/5 Absolute Advantage (9/5 with Indistinguishable Projection com)
1/1 Sponsored By…

Greater Good

5/5 Collaborate
5/5 Teamwork
1/1 Diversify (Does increase dps by quite a bit on your Jacks)
1/1 Accountability
4/5 Optimism (The explosion actually does good damage. Also the next ones spawning with less health is really nice)
1/1 Potential (The shock nova does BIG damage)
4/5 Believe
1/1 Leadership

The Hero of this Story

5/5 Best Foot Forward (9/5 with Indistinguishable Projection com)
1/1 You Have My Shield (Optional I just get it cause why not)
2/5 Take Their Freedom

If you are above 55 you will have extra skill points. Allocate them however you wish.



If you want to really go for the best gear get all of the non-unique shotguns in glitch form. The best error code in my opinion is 04L4 and the rest at zero. This gives you the red glitch for the much increased damage, and the yellow glitch for the loop effect. I decided the 04L4G4A5 is not a good choice because you get the blue glitch too often and it drains your shield almost immediately.

Thinking - Purple Hyperion shotgun with the Hyperion barrel–Get this in shock, fire, ice, and non elemental (The last 2 are optional you really only use the first 2)
Parts - Hyperion/Jakobs grip, Torgue/Hyperion stock, Hyperion sight.
Prefix - Practicable (2 bonus pellets/ Critical (Bonus critical hit damage)

Viral Marketer - Legendary Hyperion shotgun–Only comes in corrosive
Parts - Hyperion/Jakobs grip, Torgue/Hyperion stock, Hyperion sight.
Prefix - Practicable (2 bonus pellets) / Critical (Bonus critical hit damage)

Any Jakobs weapon so you can add the damage bonus to your Hyperion weapons with Sponsored By…
I prefer the Quad.

Quad - Purple Jakobs shotgun with the Torgue barrel.
Parts - Jakobs grip, Hyperion stock, Hyperion sight.
Prefix - Doc’s (Bonus critical hit damage) - I personally always go for critical over the bonus pellets since extra critical to all the pellets outweighs only two extra pellets.

##Class Mod##

Indistinguishable Projection (+5 Company Man, +4 Best Foot Forward, +4 Absolute Advantage + % Slam Damage, + % Hyperion Gun Damage)

##Grenade Mod##

This can be anything does not affect the build at all. I usually go for a transfusion because when your digi jacks are down you have no form of health regen.


Anshin adaptive shield. I usually go for a Haymaker since they are easy to get.

Parts - Maliwan body, Maliwan battery, Hyperion capacitor

##Oz Kit##

3DD1.E beats out everything for the Eclipse part, Ack Ack works really well for the EOS part. Either one is really nice for this fight.

#Combat Strategy#

Walk into the arena where Eclipse has spawned. Deploy your digi-jacks. Add the damage bonus to your shock Thinking with your Jakobs weapon. Wait for a digi-jack to die or kill an enemy to activate Absolute Advantage. Spam at Eclipse’s critical hit spot with your shock Thinking until his shield is down. When he launches missiles, take cover as you will usually die from them. After his shield is down, switch to your Viral Marketer and spam at his crit spot again until he is dead. If at ANY TIME your digi jack’s are down and he is still alive (I usually kill Eclipse in only one digi jack activation) TAKE COVER. You have no health regen without your jacks. Then EOS spawns. Once again, activate Absolute Advantage and spam at his turrets. When he begins to charge up his eye of helios, shoot at his eye because that is when he will take crits. You can peek during the time he is firing the eye of helios since he will usually aim for your digi jacks and not you. He will leave and begin to recharge his shield. At this time, recall your digi jacks so they will be ready when he comes back with his shield fully recharged. The second time he comes back after recharging his shield, he permanently exposes his critical hit spot. Just spam at it until he is dead–it should not take long. (Always make sure the Hyperion weapon you are using has the damage bonus from the Jakobs weapon through Sponsored By…)

Let me know if I missed anything! Thanks.

Not a new build, basically the entire thing relies on 7x Company Man with Projection Com and hitting a crit with literally any weapon; works at 70 too.

If you have something like a T4S-R or a Hyperion Blaster, you don’t even have to take cover really, cuz you can shoot the missiles as they are coming for you.

I know its not a new build, I just wanted people to have a quick thread to read on how to kill the bosses.

Pretty sure that EOS and Eclipse aren’t Raid Bosses. Just Tough Bosses.

They are pretty much raid bosses considering their difficulty. I know they are not officially called “raid bosses” but they are at that level.

If you aren’t actually using the Quad, you should replace it with a Vladof, Preferably Anarchist. Jakobs is a 30% DPS buff, Vladof is 35%.

This is what i would use at level 70. Apart from the Absence of Inspire, of course. Accountability isn’t that usefull in this fight, and Optimism is much less usefull at higher levels.

Also Torgue stock is better for Hyperion Shotguns, it should be the only option.

Love this build, almost exactly what I played first time through with the celestial doppelganger mod though. Not that big a fan of the jacobs button pressing cuz of the noise of mashing, but it works really wel. MORQ shield in Clap dlc is a very good Anshin shield. No need to farm it, garanteed drop in motherless board out of chest!! Integrity is a nice outlet for the spare 5 points till 60, especially with the hp bullet sponge bosses like EOS.

ps: I’m really looking for the projection class mod without going through holodome bad-ass round (again), got Enterprise Omni-Cannon 62 for trade, let me know if you have a spare. :wink:

I still need to pay attention to stocks and barrels can anyone share a link so i can study it ive been working so much Ive forgotten a good portion of it.

Also Ive gone through the holodome quite a few times even though Im low level with this Jack at the moment, is the drop for the Hologram Com completely random or?

Have you tried the Bullpups on him?

Shield : Shield of Ages
OzKit : 3DD1E
Grenade : Quasar /or/ Cryo Singularity
Class Mod : Indistinguishable Projection (+5/4/4)
Weaponry :
Corrosive Practicable Thinking (Glitch 0404), Viral Marketer, Corrosive (Practicable) Bullpup
(Corrosive) Proactive Weisenheimer (Glitch 0404)
Corrosive Operational Competition (Glitch 0404)
Slot 4 = Sponsored By… = Jakobs, Maliwan (Shock/Cryo), Torgue

9/5 Company Man = +126% Critical Damage
10/5 Absolute Advantage + Glitch 0404 = profit?
Shield of Ages + Winning + Delegation + YHMS = invincible mode? plus DJ’s get a lot of health decrease bcuz of shield plus Optimism so they do die faster for Leadership and BFF

Why is everyone suggesting single barrel Hyperion shotguns though? Why not triple or quads?

More ammo efficient. Ammo isn’t exactly easy to come by quickly during that fight.

But, with 10 AA, Jack barely runs out of ammo at all, no? At least I don’t.

I do have an extra purple indistinguishable projection class mod. I am a pc gamer however, so this will only work if you are a pc gamer as well.

You can still run out of ammo using a Practical Development. But opening crates whenever he regens his shield is easy enough. So, not really an issue.

Exactly. Or go for a triple barrel if too lazy to grab ammo from chests

Where did you get your purple thinking shotgun? I have heard that that particular one especially elemental variations of it is very rare.

I’m also a pc-gamer! My steamtag is Kartodibale, feel free to add me.

This also goes for other Jack fans who want to co-op or test builds and whatever.