How viable of lvl57 weapons on level 60 Mayhem 10?

I just want to justify the reason for re-farming. Eg does 57 reflux still does decent damage on lvl 60 enemies?

As long as you have the right anointment, they’re very viable.

It’s easier now when you are using Reflux from lvl 57 M10, cause it was buffed.

Thanks guys. Imagine this: Groundbreaker + fish slap grenade + 150% anointed. Oh man I can’t imagine the output of this combination! Definitely one shot boss option!

Fishslap is not affected by grenade damage iirc.

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But fishslap damage is melee damage. Doesn’t it get buffed by Groundbreaker?

It should, just pointing out that 150% genade damage anointment is useless on Fishslap.