How viable would asking people be?

Been doing Toby lore challenge for a VERY long time. The double rail challenge

I loathe PVP and honestly just want to be done with this. Pissing me off haha

How viable do you think would it be to do the match with global chat and beg people to let me kill 2 of them once I get level 5??

I mean i just need it once and then i can just let them kill me afterwards to balance the score

Same with Pendles and his Miasma kills. Think it would work?

Wait, is global chat on in anything anymore? I forget
Your plan could work, but it will not come easily, that is for sure

I tired it. People got offended or real hostile about it, so I just did it legit. Had a team that would just lower groups of enemies for me to kill or I would get one kill and my team would leave one other low so I could bust out the ult. I wouldn’t recommend it but maybe you’ll come across kinder people lol.

just the second of the double kill must be with his ult, I did the same, while the teams were clashing in overgrowths middle, I sniped someome, right after the first kill I launched his ult and killed an fleeing dragon with it, BAM, challenge achieved

go for it, I did this back in halo for the spartan laser kills and mongoose kills
people seemed to be in the same boat as I was. Though, not everyone can be a Toby so idk man. wait for chaos rumble and see if people want to squash the lore in the next round.

I typically don’t name drop but I finished Toby lore last night and want to give a huge shout out to


We were playing Incursion and I killed Alaniz first (Shaye&Aurox) then promptly killed titan(Benedict) to Master Toby

I feel like you guys let me kill you because the whole moment was so surreal. I think I should have lost the match but in a moment of kindness maybe you guys let me kill you? It seems like that, to me, anyway

Thanks a lot. This took me weeks of hell to finally do. I’m so happy!!