How Was Everyone's Weekend Of Kid Ultra & Chaos Rumble?

How was everyone’s first few days with Kid Ultra and Chaos Rumble?

Aside from sleeping and some housework, I played basically non stop from Friday noon til Sunday at 9 pm.

Never missed choosing / voting for maps.

Never had to wait more than a few minutes if not much less time.

Many, many great matches and encountered many great randoms who are now new Battleborn comrades.

Played with quite a few forum members.

Spent a LOT of time in matches with @Ripley , great guy to play with!

Encountered @loving-hatred a few times and he introduced me to some really cool new people, among them @viraforti .

Trying to remember who else I ran into, sorry if I forgot or miss anyone, there were many drinks this weekend!

@slif_one @HobbitWarrior @easplund @MonaMars @nemosis327

Got CRUSHED by @Ginger_greninja and @edensophia late Saturday night, my first time ever playing against their crazy Australian crew!

I can now personally attest that Eden is far and away the best Mellka player I have ever encountered, watching her play is beautiful and almost breathtaking. Jakoo!

FINALLY got my MEDICINAL USE ONLY title Sunday around noon, as well as a few more of the new FaceOff titles also.

Got Kid Ultra almost to 14, one lore complete, 2 almost complete, 2 I haven’t been taking the right Helix choices to get easily.


Played a LOT of Alani and KLEESE and Ernest in Meltdown and Capture and FaceOff.

(KLEESE and Alani are my faves!)

Saving Kid Ultra mainly for Incursion.

While he performs well in any mode, Incursion is where he absolutely SHINES.

All in all, the most fun I’ve had in Battleborn since the last Chaos Rumble!


I’m helping


Also great matches with @Shadowhaven and @lostkrouu

I was at limit of @ mentions in OP!

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I want to truly thank everyone who takes time to chat and arrange games and post kawaii (looking at you @Tenebeat @Deande drawings of Battleborn in the Forum Folks PSN chat I created last weekend!

It’s become quite lively, silly and funny!


I managed to get him mastered and then stopped playing him because of how ridiculously broken he can be. Forget triple bouncing bola stuns, take the damage buff and the 4 drones helix. You deal 300 damage on the bola hit (each bounce), and do 400+ damage in bleed. 200 damage per primary shot. The stun is enough time to zero most of the cast if you use the vortex shot to get more off.



That Kid Ultra level 9 right Helix stun is quite annoying and a big momentum killer.

ESPECIALLY with multiple Kids, as was usually the case this weekend.

I’ll have to try that combo you mentioned, sounds crazy!

Yeah that quote got old really quick, I’m so sick of hearing that every 2 seconds.

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@codarik @dantesolar

Yeah, they REALLY need to bring back all the different ultimate callouts for the characters.

Especially since for all the other characters we got to hear them all before the change, and we’ll never get to hear what other awesome ones they had for Kid Ultra, who has awesome dialogue!

Here you go. Still up in the air about the math but check the comments for a clearer picture.

As to what I did this weekend… I played the Dark Souls 3 DLC and didn’t touch Battleborn much. Kid Ultra is nice and all but I can dual wield scythes now in DS3. How can you say no to that?

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Have the DkS3 DLC downloaded but haven’t played it yet.

Almost Platinum’d DkS3 back in April / early May before Battleborn but was sadly underwhelmed with it compared to the previous titles, Demon’s Souls, and BloodBorne.

Also need to start TITANSFALL 2 and I may also buy Battlefield.

True, it was lacking compared to the others. I still enjoyed it but not as much as the others.

The DLC was short but the weapons you get are amazing.

And right now I’m waiting for Dishonored 2 so I’ve got my plate full.

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I can so no to dark souls all day everyday I assure you

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Keep an open mind!

You’re missing out on a brilliant series!

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But dual wielding sycthes.

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Tbh I am not In love with KU yet. Haven’t played him much but he feels a little boring to me. Need more matches to understand him a bit better

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Dual wielding KAMAS



As I mentioned in another thread, he reminds me of Alani on steroids.

That’s cool! No doubt!

Dark souls? No thank you sir

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Look at this though

It’s majestic. Pendles can’t even compare with his Kamas.