How Was Everyone's Weekend Of Kid Ultra & Chaos Rumble?


I know.

Dark Souls weaponry is beautiful and glorious!

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Too bad the armor in the DLC was lackluster in comparison.

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Played KU until rank 7 then got a bit bored of him, to be honest. Attacker-healer hybrid just isn’t my type, didn’t play much of Alani for the same reason.

DID play an absolute crapton of Ernest, however, got all his lore challenges done and pushed him to rank 13, not far away from mastered. Definitely my new main.

Played a few rounds with friends, including one against @Gulfwulf in which my teammates ruthlessly stomped his team (despite my pleas to go easy on them =D). Also got one of my IRL friends who’s about CR25 or so to come play some pubs with me, ruthlessly carried him to a couple of victories and a number of major ass-kickings.

Liked the new thing where you don’t vote on maps, meant that I finally got some good games of Meltdown and Capture in. Matchmaking in general was pretty great, never longer than five minutes or so.

Oh, and I gave someone a Worthy of Song match - on the house. Two DCs in the first 5 minutes, so me and my friend both took Montana out and just taunt spammed until we got killed. He ended up with roughly 29 kills to 3 deaths.


I’ve been doing a 75hr work week so only had time for a few matches to test KU out - have nothing positive to say about my return to PVP (primarily for his PVP-only lore and because of hopes things would’ve changed) and the subsequent matchmaking experiences so will leave that topic at that HOWEVER looking forward to trying out KU in PVE to get a better feel of him once my work chaos had calmed.

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I enjoyed it! Lots of matches, little waiting, and a surprising number of green bar connections. I stayed true to my nature and played Mellka near-exclusively, and I appreciated Kid Ultra for his wonderful drones (on my team) and rotund hit box (on the enemy team.)

Given that the forum community has banded together lately, and that matchmaking will slump once the queues are divided again, I think we should give serious thought to scheduling friendly regular private matches. The new option to choose a server location means we can ensure a connection that’s fair, so it’d be a dream for us red-bar warriors, too.

The way I imagine it, such matches wouldn’t be to prove who’s best, but would just guarantee games they don’t feature quitting, premature surrender, and wildly unfair connections. We can also use them as a chance to test builds, swap tips, and learn from watching each other. I’d be happy to help organize such events if others are interested!


Great ideas!


I am down. That actually sounds really awesome. what theoretical time frame might that happen in? Cause it was around the few times I played with you Aussies I would probably never get to communicate through a mic

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The weekend was amazing playing other games like gw4 and xenoverse 2. Kid ultra and the return of Chaos Rumble did not bring me back to BB. Only if Incursion becomes great again and CR is no longer hidden, I’ll return to try the new character.

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Fair enough, but why even post a reply like that?

Incidentally, since CR / yellow bars were rendered invisible, I never exit a team and requeue anymore, and I’ve had just as many, if not more, amazing matches.

If you do it add me too! I’ve played a few private matches but they always chose capture :cry:
Oh yeah btw thanks for the great quote and just general writing on the thing. You know the thing

You poor thing! I will quit the private match if that’s what it is. I wanna play battleborn. Not tdm.

Though maybe an organized capture match might not be half bad

It was. I only just got my mic working yesterday so I couldn’t communicate and it was a stomp (no one on my team communicated). I left and then immediately got paired up with shadowshaven after just losing to him in the private match. He chose Toby, I chose Whiskey Foxtrot. You know what came next (he survived much better than is reasonable. And we had equal kills towards each other, but I got more assists)

I honestly find it hilarious when you’re pushed to your base in Overgrowth and when you hit level 5 you can just fly outta there.

I was in a match like that and I flew out of the base and the entire team just stopped what they were doing and watched me before hunting me down and killing me.

To The Rescue is great fun. Kid Ultra is easy to use and someone I might want to master.

Played one and then went and played battlefield.

-Learnt that stompers stomp even harder with 3 gal.

  • I’m helping!

  • A team of kid ultra is bad but funny.

  • Faceoff is horrible in the shard gen / wrench meta. We never play it but being forced to was bad enough.

  • 5 deande on capture is beyond mean. (sorry to whoever we stomped)

  • I went on a 3 day losing streak, chaos rumble and I don’t get on.

  • I actually like meltdown, unless pendles is about as he messes up balance. (He plays deathmatch)

  • Galileia does too much well and her pull is obscene.

  • Kid ultras stun + 3 Bolas + bounce is daft.

  • Montana is at 97 games… Nothing on my 1k Miko friend but still…

The PC players already do this since we hate going into pubs and just stomping everyone. (not fun for us and certainly not for them) We just use a random team generator to shuffle the players around and try to create fair teams.

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Queue times were rough on pc.

Chaos Rumble wasn’t very fun with multi kid uktra

I haven’t played him much because everyone chose him, so I couldn’t give him a fair shot at healing.

Had some stellar incursion games, both with random and with the peeps I usually roll with.

Off topic, I started Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, and the posts about Titanfall 2 remind me of Battleborn’s launch.

All in all, I’m excited for everyone to get kid ultra, I’m excited for regular queues to come back, and IT’S REYN TIME

We used to do this but half our playerbase dropped. Can you hit me up on steam as my squad is dwindling and I still want to play.

Are you eu?

Just had a really fun match of capture that I never would have had without this automatic mode pick. Really fun weekend.

Oh and double credits too? Now just waiting for the LLC to lower their prices a bit…

You actually slept this weekend?