How Was Everyone's Weekend Of Kid Ultra & Chaos Rumble?


A bit!

Dude, remember that one intense amazing 500-492 Meltdown victory we had?

Yah! That was, like, the best match ever! Coming from 200+ points down, and putting in a fatbot in the very last second to win!

One of my best matches of my weekend for sure!


pulled an all nighter on saturday into sunday so i could stream- had lots of good games, but sadly we had a couple too easy games where we were clearly facing newbies - one match they had to have had 3 level 2’s (no titles) on their team, and we got old man cranky…i recorded it. hope to upload in themorning, but you can scroll thru the stream to watch it too.

And @Dr_H0H0 stopped by the stream! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I sent you a friend request on PSN, I would like to add you to our forum chat on there!

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1k Miko!?! Does he play other characters or just a lot?

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Hey’d you add lowlines yet?

seems all of you guys are either on computer or playstation lol. xbox is in the minority on these boards i guess, lol.

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Had a hilarious match last night against a team who fully embraced the spirit of chaos rumble.

We got monuments, they took 3-4 Montanas and a Miko and they went full kamikaze.

Jumped over the backdoor route, bunny hopped onto our sentry and opened fire.

Like giant lemmings with smallish heads, the stream of Montanas could not be stopped. Kill them as we may (each Monty went down about 8 times), their low respawn timers and high health made it impossible to drop them fast enough to save our sentry.

It was completely absurd but we were powerless to stop the never-ending string of Montana madness.

Shoutouts to all the cool folks I played with and against!



No what is his PSN?

Also, awesome to see your glorious sunspot again!


What is Lord HOHO’s PSN?


Awesome and too funny!

My thoughts exactly over the last few days.


Awesome and too funny!

One of our group had to stop playing for a few minutes because they were laughing too hard.

It was ridiculous lol.

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Your imagery of “tiny headed MONTANA lemmings pouring over the Sentry Backdoor Cliff entrance” was just too good.

Just imagine watching a line of them hop over the pillars with their tiny but strangely graceful legs!

It truly was a thing of beauty.

I posted up there to scout their arrival but I was too mesmerized by their movement and was summarily wall stunned and hailstormed into oblivion.

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I honestly didn’t plan on playing much, but Battlefield servers went down so I got a good amount of BB in.

I like Kid Ultra but I really only played Chaos so I quickly got tired of picking him with so many others doing so. I love playing an aggressive support, and he seems like a capable choice so far. Once people calm down on picking him, I’m interested to get more familiar with his helix choices and try different gear builds.

Am I the only one that doesn’t completely understand his Ult? Do I have to keep the button pressed down? I only got to use it a few times, and I’m pretty sure I’m not supposed to become some ball and then strike a pose or something, while going nowhere.

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His ult gives him increased mobility and gives a burst heal upon deactivation (by hitting the ult button again).

The amount of healing it does depends on how fast you’re moving when you end it, so make sure to get a run up!

One thing I’ve learned with the Chaos Rumble experience this time is that I’m happy for all modes to queue together in the name of faster matches.

The multiple character thing can be funny, trying or dire (multiple kleese/ernests on incursion) but the consistently fast matches are the real drawcard.

I’d be happy for them to roll all queues into one.


I’ll add him, and yeah my dreams of a slower caster the healer will not fulfilled. Still a great character, but Ambra’s already stolen all of my Orendi time and won’t leave anymore :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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@Ginger_greninja @GhostArray


I used Kid Ultra a LOT this weekend.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding how his Ultra works.

Doesn’t the bubble that surrounds his space ship mode while his ult is active before you activate his final uppercut of it (it’s not striking a pose he does a Dragon Punch style uppercut that seems to knock enemies back if you directly connect with it) provide some sort of heavy defense or possibly invulnerability to you and anyone you are in the bubble with and then it does the final healing / health regeneration burst & AOE field creation after the final move activates?

And then you can take augments / mutations to add damage dealing / damage outut buffing / healing / health regen?

I have stood with allies in the tight stairway hallways before the Sentries in Echelon, the tunnels and window in Overgrowth, and the enclosed corridors in Outskirts and I could swear ive stopped Dreadwinds and other enemy Ultimates off as well as heavy enemy fire by enclosing my allies in the bubble?

Can someone please provide a more definitive explanation of how his Ultimate works?

Thanks in advance.

The only helix choice to upgrade his ult ‘to the rescue’ comes at level 10 when you can take healing over time or damage (or some strange fall speed mutation).

You can buff his passive ‘aura of justice’ at level 5.

The ult has a small knockback effect on it at the time of deactivation as well as a burst heal, so you can protect allies that way.

AFAIK there are no other effects imparted by the ult, but I could be wrong.

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So the bubble that surrounds KU before fhe final uppercut does nothing except determine the size of the knockback and healing / regen zone created at the end?

That’s actually a letdown.

Seems like a waste of a bunch of time in his end.

I feel certain that the bubble has stopped some big Attacks for me while it was active.