How we can fix Ambra's primary attack

The issue with her auto attack isn’t the long range or the damage, like we think. The real, GENUINE issue with Ambra’s primary is that she can sprint while she uses it, allowing her to chase you all the way back into your base with absolutely no chance for you to escape without intervention.

Take away her ability to sprint and attack at the same time, and she’ll be a lot less aggressive and more balanced.

EDIT: I confirmed that she cannot sprint while attacking, it turns out the range after locking-on is long enough that she has no trouble walking and damaging you while you’re sprinting away.


100% agree! I also think some skills should auto cancel it, like Orendi’s nullify, or anything with a push.

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I’ve never seen her sprint. Move full speed walking, yeah. I’ve only ever seen her sprint during solar wind.

I have issues with her auto-lock beam, but you know, I think I’m going to agree with you here. It isn’t the auto-lock per say, nor the range, it’s her ability to chase along with the auto-lock and range that ends up being frustrating.

Remove the ability to chase by not increasing the beam lock-on range so much once acquired and I think things would be in a much better place.

Also I don’t know if both blinds and knock-backs disrupt the beam…but they should.

She’s got the lowest DPS out of all the characters with her primary attack. If you break LoS she can’t hurt you. She’s not very fast, so you should be able to accomplish this fairly easy. Her lock on range isn’t huge, but the range she can stay locked is larger. Also, I’m not certain she can sprint while attacking. I’ve played her a lot, and I don’t think I’ve noticed that. I’ll try later on today to be sure. Either way, she ain’t no track star unless she takes the flame shield speed bonus at level 5, and then she would be using the boost to boogie on out, not to keep engaging. I honestly think she’s in a good (sun)spot.


She can’t sprint and attack. Unless its being done by a glitch.

If I’m a fast moving, high mobility character that is sprinting away from Ambra while she’s attacking me, and Ambra is right behind me all the way until I get back to my base, what else could it possibly be?

A glitch, if anything.

I play a lot of Ambra. I can’t sprint and attack, and I’ve never noticed anyone else doing it.

If it is actually happening, its a glitch, so its not a balance issue, its a bug.

Glitch or no, it would be nice to have this fixed.

You’d have to figure out how it was done first, I think, so the developers know what to fix. I would think a certain button combination (like maybe casting a skill and sprinting at the same time or something).

Take some video or something next time it happens.

Just did some testing, and I’m absolutely wrong :joy:

You’re right. Her attack beam just extends to ridiculous ranges after she first locks on. Case closed.


I see what you did there :slight_smile:

And I’m glad that was figured out. Yeah the trick to breaking her lock on is either a dash or juke around her. Much easier than gradually running away.

I’ve read the downthread resolution, so I know how this ends. :slight_smile:

Kinda wondering if a Blind breaks her lock-on. It could make sense, or not.

this is the number 1 reason why i think ambra is OP because she can sprint well doing this so i agree with cancelling her sprint. when i tried saying that ambra needed something done about the range everyone just told me to basically deal with it i guess they didnt understand that she can sprint well doing it

This is a good question, but probably not as everyone else can continue to attack. She sure as heck wouldn’t be able to track you though. People think because the beam locks on that it stays locked on with no effort, which isn’t necessarily true. You have to actively keep the targeted BB on your screen to keep the lock on.

I’m inclined to think it does. I was locked on to an Orendi last night several times, and when she used Nullify with blind on me I’d lose the lock. It COULD be just that the bounce-back of Nullify took her out of range, but I don’t think so. Some of the times I was locked on I was REALLY close to her. Maybe just she broke the lock by moving further away after the Nullify, or breaking LoS momentarily. I don’t know, I was blind, after all, but I do recall getting hit with it, losing the lock, and then seeing Orendi back in what I would consider appropriate range when my sight came back.

Blind does interrupt her Healbeam, so yes?

(If I remember correctly, could have been Mikos healbeam too, but I haven’t played as him as much…)

Am I the only person who just backpedals and shoots her in the face if she locks on? It’s not hard at all to do 3x the DPS she does since nearly every character has 2x the damage of her beam with their basic attack and crits are very easy to land if she is that close.


She can NOT sprint while attacking. She simply has very high movement speed, which can be increased through gear even more.

When blinded, your weapon retracts as if it’s not even being used. The same happens to Kleese and Miko. All beams need LoS to work so blind ruins it.

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