How Well Does 4 Player Takedown Run For You?

I’ve been farming the takedown on mayhem 4 in matchmaking on PS4 recently to get the takedown gear (no luck so far only tiggs’ booms and moonfires) and constantly run into huge drops in the framerate and it even gets to the point where the audio gets choppy and distorted. The brainstormers and projectile recursions seem to be the main culprits but these are also two of the better weapons for the takedown so it’s difficult to avoid. It’s very frustrating to be all but forced into matchmaking when either my system or the game can’t handle everything that’s happening. I was really looking forward to the takedown new year event that would allow scaling for solo play but I guess I should have known better than to get excited by now

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Yeah i have the same issue visual and audio stutter. It is very laggy, still manageable tho, but annoying.

Takedown matchmaking groups are like cancer to this game. It can kill you in half a second of lag and almost nobody revives teammates, so if you go onto ffyl after reviving at least 5 times prior and get ignored, or only go down once or twice and get ignored it’s only karma if you’re the host.
PS gammaburst never glitches out on solo runs wtf.

The groups i played with were very quick to revive actually, but i guess that really depends. Might just have been luck

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It’s impossible for me on PS4.

I can barely run it couch co-op but when I do matchmaking my game crashes everytime. Mostly do to combat particle effects or if I try to enter the menu…

@gearbox I’m trying to love your game.

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I find pinging the ground repeatedly gets their attention sometimes but you’re right, makes me miss having a true healer like maya or even athena.

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Usually it’s manageable but sometimes with super speed Zane or Amara those couple frames might send me into the abyss. Happened too many times at valkyries and the area after

It’s because i play on North American servers :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

We need phase-revive in a mod, or pet revive command.

I had a few good runs the last couple of days (PS4, public matchmaking). Yeah framerate gets crazy – actually thought it would crash, but it didn’t. Only glitch I encountered was not being able to get into the last area before Wotan due to some unseen, unkilled enemy we couldn’t locate so the door wouldn’t open :worried: Happened on two raids. The teams tried suicide, which worked but we had to do that whole area again. I’d say it’s gotten easier & people are doing much better than when takedown first came out. But sure wish they’d fix the unseen enemy glitch.

Edit re: teammates reviving. Teams I played with people were quick to run over to downed teammates

Yup we had one enemy glitch through the floor right before Wotan. Had to do the Segment again. Real Bummer

I have to agree that the “raid only” loot is very sparse. But we (my raid group) have never had any real issues with being d.c’ed, the frame rate has gotten a little choppy here and there (especially running 2 zanes, amara, and a Fl4k) but all in all it’s not bad, we play on xbox though.
You could do what I did and that’s get your build to a point were you don’t need a team to run the raid. I’m still working on Mayhem 4 but I have been able to solo the raid on Mayhem 3 multiple times.

I haven’t tried with my amara since I’ve gotten new gear, but I’m pretty confident in killing wotan. It’s just the gauntlet of enemies around the bridge that concerns me. I played more recently and it seemed better, could be I ran into bad host connections or just too many brainstormers arcing at once.

By far the bridge was the toughest but the one thing about Wotan is add control! Unless you hit like a Mac truck and can demolish him fast, those ads will consume you. I run Zane (since day 1) and I’ve gone through a few builds so if you do change to an operative I’m always down to lend whatever advice I can.

I’m pretty confident i can solo it with Zane and amara, Zane is my new main for now with his DLC class mod and giving the clone a x2 electric ion cannon (drops wotans shield in 1-2 hits). And amara is just easy mode with driver/corrosive recursion with 250% on phasecast, if everything lines up I can one shot wotan’s top and bottom halfs in the last phase

Sounds like you got a handle on it. Good luck vault hunter.

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