How well does borderlands run on linux?

recently, my widows partition end up with 672 viruses (dont worry about it) but luckily i was able to fix it so i can still have my fun, but it got me thinking… in the event i wind up with my system shot again and i need to run to linux, how well does borderlands run? is it terribly buggy or does it work as borderlands works

Old post now, but hopefully this may help others.

For reference, the Linux version of the game uses the eON wrapper to make Borderlands run on Linux. The game requires OpenGL 3.0 to run, but OpenGL 3.3 is a more realistic target. It can run “out of the box” on Ubuntu 14.04 if you have a Nvidia card with the proprietary driver installed. The situation is more awkward for AMD users, but is no longer hard to solve.

For Ubuntu 14.04 users with a RadeonHD3/4xxx card or more recent :

  • do not use the proprietary fglrx driver. Frankly, it sucks. Remove it if you installed it.
  • install the very latest Hardware Enablement Stack.
  • run the game.

For Ubuntu 16.04 users:

  • if your card is not brand new (not Polaris or Vega level): run the game :slight_smile:
  • if your card is brand new: get the AMDGPU proprietary driver from AMD’s support page (it’s actually MUCH better than fglrx ever was) and install it. Run the game.

For other distros/self-builders:
The game runs bug-free starting with Mesa 11 and up on GCN 1.x cards. 11.2 provides a nice performance boost and better support for older (VLIW4/5) cards. Mesa 12.0 comes with shorter loading times and less microstutter.
For better opensource driver support for Tonga, Fury and Polaris chips, Linux kernel 4.8 and Mesa 12.1 are needed (currently not available, you’ll have to build experimental packages from their respective git repositories).

The main element lacking from the Windows version of the game are the PhysX animations; unfortunately the eON wrapper simply goes away with trying to connect to the PhysX libraries on Linux systems. PhysX was never supported on AMD hardware (of course), so AMD card owners, you’ll get pretty much the same rendering on Linux as you did get on Windows. Performance may be down a few FPS though.