How well have you been at balancing games?

Theres always a multiplayer title out there that always takes your attention away from other games. Which isn’t a bad thing, games are mean’t for fun not “work” unless this is your work but that’s besides the point.

I like to keep a balance between my games, I jump into one of my multiplayer games and maybe level up once that session, than go and play one of my single player games~

That’s a perfect world where I’m able to do that… this is real life and I often don’t follow through that perfect plan of mine lol. I end up playing hours long sessions of Overwatch/Battleborn and totally forgetting about my Fallout 4 DLC that came out or my Dark Souls 3 playthrough or my Pokemon X/Y playthrough I was doing BEFORE Dark Souls 3 came out lol. I try but I fail…

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Currently I have like 99 games on steam and I probably haven’t even touched half of them… or only for a few hours, tops. I have a few games that I’ve played for hundreds of hours and can’t take a break… :sweat_smile: hahah…help

Play 1-2 matches of battleborn
Play 1-2 missions of Warframe
Do a few things in WildStar
Play 1-2 games of Gems of War
Play 0-1 games of Overwatch
Do some weekly stuff on Destiny if not completed yet.
Play Diablo III sometimes. Generally I just try to fill the season log thing with 1 char each season and call it good.
Play PSO2
And play whatever random game I happen to be in a mood for on PS4, PC, Steam, WiiU, 3DS, etc

If that list seems long its because I’m probably doing 2-4 of the things on that list all at the same time.