How well to Fl4k pets scale on Mayhem?

After maxing out a Moze character, I’ve been trying some of the other classes. I kind of enjoyed Fl4k’s pet setup, using the Jabber to target enemies, having a revive option. I just wanted to make sure I’m not wasting my time with this kind of build, only to have it fall short in the Mayhem modes.

Is he quite dependent on finding the right gear?

Check the build Killer Queen made by @boombumr. That’s about the only one really relying on pet dmg.
There are more but they depend more on He Bites that actual pet dmg per se.
Come Nov 10 there should be more viable pet builds available.

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If you’re referring to the Jabber the only passive gear bonus they get is Splash/AoE on Attack Command(Gunslinger). The 35% bonus on the Deadeye COM is multiplicative and works across all damage so that makes a noticeable difference.

The Terror Incen annoint also works for all pet damage but can be frustrating to use due to slow/ignored Attack Commands.