How will factions work?

I just had a thought pop into me. With all this talk about choosing ANY character we want to play, why lump them into factions if the factions themselves wont fill a gameplay purpose and just fill a narrative and art design one?

Or perhaps they will and Gearbox is just saving those details for later. Because it would be fun to have a faction war going on. Maybe a new mode or a meta game that can take advantage of this?

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Some metagame events would be pretty sweet. Like featured campaign modes with mutators and/or preset team lineups

It would be nice if there were buffs given for a team that chooses to play only as one faction like in Ultimate Alliance or X:Men Legends. There could also be buffs for teams that choose only the same archetype. There could be a boost to health regen for the Eldrid, damage boost for tech based attacks for the L.L.C. or movement speed boosts for the Jennerit when they are close to death.