How would one go about submitting ideas so that they get a bit of attention and a response?

Hey guys!

So i’m quite the avid fan or Borderlands and lemme tell you do i have some ideas.

Infact; i have a few too many ideas.

Here’s a concise list of all of my ideas without giving too many details:

Borderlands 3:
Main storyline
6 vault hunters
4 DLC ideas: 2 fully completed; 2 basic concepts
1 unique weapon manufacturer idea
1 new “elemental” type that is less of an element more of a weapon attribute
New lore that completes plot holes and allows for much further expansion

Borderlands 4: (in progress)
Full story
8 vault hunters
4 DLC campaigns
1 new elemental type that follows the theme of “hazardous household items under the sink and in the garage” (because really thats what all the elements so far are)

Borderlands the Pre Sequel’s Se-Prequel
Full story set between 3 and 4
6 new villainous vault hunters
2 large DLC campaigns (one of which can be split into two, legitimate)

And then various:
Legendary, Unique, Pearl and Seraph level weapons
Enemies and enemy types
Plot devices to fix canonical errors
Additional themes and elements for expanding the universe of Borderlands even further.

Now me being a persistent and very hard to get to give up gentleman; I have tried contacting a few people directly aswell as i have sent a rather large packet detailing the first submission idea in snail mail and have yet to hear word.

So now i am being a persistent bugger and asking the general everyone how to get word on this; or to atleast be heard out properly.

Thanks all! Lemme know!


People generally post their suggestions and ideas in the fan creations sections.

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Now i had contemplated that; however i also have been avoiding that as if i were to post my ideas it would come with a lot of spoilers were it used. I don’t want my ideas to devolve into fanfiction until they absolutely have to be. And posting them? I feel that would be in poor taste(this is my opinion only and not a fact; nor does it necessarily apply to abyone except myself) for anyone who is determined to have their ideas in-canon.

Edit to continue: On that same note i had contemplated that perhaps if my story garnered enough attention being posted in chapters that perhaps the story writers would take notice and stop me before finishing my chronicles and use it to continue the series.

The idea and understanding of post to forums is far from lost on me. However i would just like to avoid that being the route i take.

Gearbox do read those sections. Community managers regularly pass on good suggestions to the dev team.

And i do understand that.

Again; it is just the heft of my stories that i would rather be a surprise for the fans, rather than being public knowledge ahead of the game’s releases. Which is why i would much prefer to have someone directly read and pass along my ideas rather than be public domain.

Perhaps, though, would you be willing to take a read-over of my ideas? Through private messages on here of course so that the Dev team is not being bogged down with what at this point is considered fan mail(although they do have the snailmail packet i had sent in at the beginning of february somewhere) and then if you think it is good enoyh to warrant further talk to forward me and my ideas to someone?

Thankyou very much for your quick replies and help.

I’m just a moderator here. I don’t have any direct contact with the dev team. Serializing your story might be the best way.

Gotcha; gotcha. Well thankyou for the quick replies regardless.

No worries. Good luck.

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Thankya much!

My plan is to be a persistent but polite and professional(ish) pain until someone either listens to my stuff or forcibly tells me to bugger off.

I recommend starting with “It was a dark and stormy night”. :blush:

But on a more serious note, I am honestly not sure if GBX would want someone posting detailed story ideas or even contacting them directly with detailed ideas. Many companies have a policy against people sending submissions to avoid potential legal issues. However, since I don’t work for GBX I can’t confirm what their official idea submission policy is. Perhaps one of the devs could respond and let you know?

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More reasons i have not wanted to post these ideas publically absolutely. I would love to hear from someone who knows the policies and such

Edit: really i’d love to apply for a writing position at Gearbox; however i have absolutely zero schooling or other credentials that would have me taken seriously. This to me is less get money for my ideas(though who would argue?) and much much more wanting to see my stories be enjoyed by everyone - especially in the Borderlands series that i have adored myself for so long.

Hey @Psychichazard; By chance; would you be able to direct me better towards someone? I still feel like being persistent.

Someone who may help to put me in contact, or something.

I’ve given you the best advice that I can. I don’t have any shortcuts.

Thankyou. My apologies for bothering you with it.

No worries.

I’ve started some BL FanFiction which can be found linked below. It is serialized and written from the point of view of a Commando who is struggling as a Vault Hunter on Pandora. A much deeper plot is about to unfold involving a strange girl whose just landed on Pandora. My employment and another non-fiction book I’m writing took me away from the writing but as a story line, this FanFiction has real potential.

If you read closely you may even notice some Moderators making cameo appearances within the story.

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Iiiif you feel like reading.

I’d say go to the full thread

If you read the career page on the Gearbox website they actually encourage applying despite a lack of experience. With the amount of time and dedication you’ve put into this, I think it’d be a disservice to yourself (and possibly to other fans, if your ideas are as good as I imagine them to be) to not attempt to apply. In terms of more persistence, have you tried e-mailing gearbox?

Oh yeah, I have tried many tactics to get some attention all of which have gone mostly unnoticed, except for the lovely Mr. Joe replying to a direct message politely but without furthering my progress.

If you’d like to read some of my ideas i’ve got a thread going over here