How would you "Balance" X Character?

So, with the looming major update just around the corner, let’s place our last bets on balance changes you think should or could happen this upcoming patch.

I’ll Start:


  • Desecrate no longer has the options to pull, silence, slow, and wound all at once. This can be accomplished by putting 2-3 of those CC’s in a single helix level; It is clear that Galilea was intended to have almost all the CC’s, and I think that is fine, but it shouldn’t be possible to apply ALL those CC’s with the press of 1 button. Another option would be to distribute the CC’s from her desecrate to other parts of her kit.
    i.e A Wound on her Quick Melee along with the bleed damage from “Gashing Bash”, Pull and Slow from Desecrate, A silence procc’d by a similar way to how Phoebe’s silence works (Enemies within desecrate will be silenced if hit with Quick Melee)
    Stun can stay on Shield Throw, etc.
    She still will have all the CC’s just won’t be a 1-button trigger for 3-4 of 'em.

-It’s Dangerous to Go Alone should be removed OR have a greatly reduced range (Maybe something akin to that of El Dragon’s Clap). OR only active while both health and shields are full.

-Abyssal Form should either deal more DoT and/or Heal more HP.

What changes you think are coming/should come?

Abyssal form should give an attack speed buff to allies. She should lose the pull and get a small constant push. Can still run through it, just slows ya down a bit. Idk exact what to do with Vortex, but it shouldn’t be what it is. No territorial character wants people in their territory. It’s dangerous to go alone becomes a shield based helix that reduces desecrate cooldown by 2 seconds per 500 damage or something like that

Territorial characters usually want to fight on their territory. On their terms. Since Galilea is melee that means the enemy has to be in her territory too.

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Weird you never have wound if you have pull.

You can get pull+silence+slow.

That however, is at 1m, 8m and 15 or so for max CC effect. If anything pull is actually the most deadliest one. The others are just eh without it.

Whoops. Got my CC’s mixed up.
But yeah, Pull+Silence+Slow is just too much on top of the desecrates Debuff just for pressing 1 single button.

Anyways, this isn’t just a Galilea discussion, any other characters people feel are going to be addressed, should be addressed, and how they should be addressed are open for discussion.

I know Boldur, Ernest, Kleese, and Ambra are hot topics around the BB community.

There are big balance changes coming up, they’ve already leaked quite a lot of possible changes, I’d like to see what the devs are gonna do with those and what more they have planned.

Ghalt definitely needs a rework. He is a one trick pony who is frustrating to play as and against.


I agree. I thought for a bit on how to make Ghalt more diverse in terms of gameplay, but I couldn’t come up with anything. Hook into Trap and shoot until dead is basically what he is. Lol


How I would balance Kleese:

  • Change energy rift network in one of two ways; make the energy rifts in the network give a 50% bonus to rift pulses rather than 100% bonus, and/or make it so the rifts in a network function as one giant rift radius instead of 3 or 4 small ones this will prevent someone from getting twice the shielding/damage by standing in the radius of two at once.

  • Tazer should do 50% more damage to shields but 50% less to health

  • fix the issue of tazer staying on someone for a few moments after they leave the range of it

  • Bring his max health down to start at a base around 900-1000 HP.

  • Buff the Healing chair at level 5 to 72 points per second (same as a level 2 healing station)

Give me your opinions on this. I’ve played Kleese a lot (mostly before he got a health buff) and I think that these changes would make him much more balanced.


A real simple change would to bring his health back to how it used to be

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That would be fine by me but that’s what a lot of people complained about with him. He did have the lowest health in the game and is one of the easiest targets so I can understand why people complained. 88% increase was way too much though

Well, yeah, but I don’t think a territorial characters goal should be to force the enemy to stay where they are. I mean, the icon for territorial is a fall on a hill. You don’t win by stabbing the flag through someone into the dirt (although that should be a thing).

I thought that’s exactly how you win.


Ernest needs to not have his egg extend through walls. Gives him too much freedom. Maybe a nerf to Expedited Explosives
Eh. They’re already fixing Boldur.
Ambra needs a longer Sunspot cooldown and slightly less Wind damage. That’s it.
Highly unpopular, but Kleese needs a total rework. He’s either too tethered or too strong. He needs some more consistency. Level 2 right needs a nerf at the very least, as well as a nerf to taser on health and a buff to normal mortar damage. It’s a terrible skill damage wise without one specific helix

Take away both her legs.


I think Rifts work just fine, they’re meant to be taken out, and a network is a prime target for sweet AoE destruction. If you’re walking into a Rift Network that was set up by Kleese, I think you deserve that Death you’ll swiftly get. lol

His Healing Chair should get an increase, I agree OR the healing AoE increased to compensate (not both).

Taser definitely needs to have its damage reduced on health. It can get pretty nasty and Melee characters already have a hard time dealing with a Kleese that is set up.

Health should probably be around ~1200-1280 range. I think right now it’s at 1400~ which is a bit much. He is a huge target so having him below 1000 is not really recommended. A Montana, Toby, Benedict, Ernest, and Thorn usually eat Kleeses for breakfast.

I think Ambra is in a decent spot. I don’t think she needs much work. If anything they might want to tone down the range on her tether but last time they tried that they over did it and made it pitifully short. If they can find a median that works, then sure, otherwise keep it the same but maybe lower the damage tick from it?

Boldur’s rumored changes seem fitting; if they happen, it should make him less of a powerhouse while keeping him viable.

I also wish for a buff on a few characters.

  • Melka should get a more notable damage boost from her L2 Melee on envenomed targets to promote it over just firing bullets at people, her health should probably be slightly boosted due to the changes in Slow heavily reducing her survivability as a harasser/skirmisher, and Claw Lunge needs a complete overhaul, as of now it only works decently as an escape but 100% fails as a reliable source of damage (and thus helixes should be modified as well that deal with the Lunge).

El Dragon is scary now, but only when well supported in the right hands; I hope that all the stuff said about his nerfs aren’t all happening, it sounds very heavy handed. shorter clap range, smaller Dragon Splash radius, shorter stun, no extra health, this makes him less reliable when trying to secure a kill (I could be wrong though, it might just require Dragon players to be a bit more selective on what targets they engage and when).

S&A I have dedicated a whole topic to this character, I think it needs a bunch of work (mainly to fix some bugs with fetch and some annoyances with Helix options).

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A very simple fix for Pendles- If he takes a certain amount of damage while stealthed, he’s revealed until he breaks line of sight once again. And that Alani’s Helix two would bubble major enemies in PVE- as it is right now, it’s a wasted Helix.

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Agreed, Alani’s level 2 is soooooooooo horrible I sometimes don’t feel like bothering selecting anything.

Pendles I think is fine as is, if anything I think he’s a bit weak. His counters are so hard, it is a bit pathetic. A Marquis makes him the most pitiful of sights.


Well he needed a little increase to be fair so 70%reduction to health?

[quote=“Rabid_Explosions, post:17, topic:1546961”]His counters are so hard, it is a bit pathetic.[/quote]Then the stealth mechanics should be reworked so he’s not so feast-or-famine. “He’s underpowered 50% of the time” is not balanced out by “he’s overpowered 50% of the time” (nor would that statement change if you alter the ratios).
As is, his mechanics are just not fun to play against, there’s no reward for actually spotting a stealthed Pendles because he can easily get away due to neither damage nor defensive structures breaking his stealth, and chasing a stealthed Pendles alone is suicide.

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Reveals should have two radiuses and outer one that outlines you, and one where you have to be really close for a full reveal

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