How would you build a Jedi Athena?

I currently try to build an Athena which primarily uses Toby’s Bright Spadroon. My plan was to go a pure Phalanx/Xiphos route, use a Fridgia and/or a Cryo grenade to freeze enemies so they won’t get knocked back when I bloodrush them and then slice them. The reason why I don’t invest in CS is that the Spadroon is nearly incapable of building stacks fast. Prepare for Glory, Tear and Omega-Senshu seem to offer a far more reliable and consistent damage increase.
But since we got the Hologram COM which offers an easy way to passively build stacks this could be a great alternative.
What’s your opinion on the subject?

There were 2 TVHM builds for it in the old boards, a jedi and a sith. My first thought when the hologram came out was a build for this gun with it since you would be close those 2 skills would be great but it wasn’t working like I hoped. I didn’t really keep going with it.

I wonder if it would work with my Deputy build…

I did one of the builds for the Spadroon, but Im trying to improve it.
I have in mind 2 setups: Active stacking and Passive stacking with the Hologram COM.

Well, thematically she has a skill that lets her shield reflect bullets and lasers back. That works for my idea of what a Jedi should be.

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True. Additionally some Jedi’s mastered the ability to create a force barrier like Nomi Sunrider. She was also a highly gifted swordswoman. Fits perfectly.

Check out @l_gabrielcruz Raging Storm WIP. I was testing this very same thing for him. Dominator class mod is the way to go with this weapon if you ask me. Full CS-Xiphos would probably look something like this for me with Crimson Dominator.

Also, Singularity for force pull :smile:

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Force push is the slam from the oz kit.