How would YOU build around launchers?

Greetings, Handsome Friends! I would like to extend an invitation to join me in a build exercise. The topic is as the title of this thread suggests: I would love to see how YOU would go about building Jack around launchers.

I’ve just begun to tinker with the idea, having been half-braining it through the first half of my workday today. Here is what I’m looking at testing later:

Gear set would probably be:
Shield of the Ages
cryo Bomber COM
Celestial Doppleganger, as in the link
shock singularity grenade

cryo Snider
IVF …? maybe a Maggie

How would you build around a launcher?

Projection COM
6 piece Hyperion
Cryo Taser, Shock Splitter, Eddie, Quasar

Logan’s Gun
Kaneda’s laser.

All them rocket launcher criticals :smiling_imp:.

That illustrates why this is so fun to me. Completely different approaches, despite a fair number of shared skill points. Your approach obviously emphasizes huge crits, while mine revolves around leveraging grenade skills to mitigate reload speed and mag size issues.

Jack is often shrugged off because of the common core of so many builds, but that ignores the fact that there are huge differences simply from 10 or so skill points and gear changes.

I don’t know who shrugs off Jack. He’s the most versatile character in TPS, only lacking in melee capabilities but being among the top tier in almost every other respect.

Sniping, pet builds, cryo, explosive, shotgun, ARs, Lasers, etc…If anyone actually thinks that he is lacking variety because the skeleton on most builds look the same, then lions and house cats must be the same as well.

Rereading that, I phrased it poorly. I meant that I’ve seen Jack builds shrugged at before because of the Leadership common core. That, as opposed to Jack as a class being written off.

I would go so far as to say that Jack seems to be the most well rounded class in the franchise, surpassing even Lilith.

Here’s another one.

Min-Min Lighter
Laser Disker

Launcher or Laser duality O2 kit

Shoot Min-Min, swap, shoot launcher, swap again, shoot Flakker if still alive. If not, repeat step one.

And last one.

Vladof Launcher w/ error code L4M4
Vladof Rocketeer
Too Scoops

SF or Meganade
Launcher Duality or Invigoration O2 kit (because why not?)

So you now have a launcher that fires like a machine gun. Goody :smiling_imp:.


Vladof launchers are the closest thing you can find to “sustainable”

I’ve avoided Vladof launchers for anything other than shield stripping. May have to play with them.