How would you change a HW Remastered ship HOD just a little bit?

What’s up Homeworld buddies!

I just want to make sure before I get going on this:

If I want to change the HOD of a ship in HWRM just a little bit, say the Vgr_carrier with a couple more guns and a little more geometry.

I should:
1- open the HW2 classic HOD in CFHodEd_v4
2- export all of the textures and meshes and whatever else I can
3- reassemble all of those pieces in Blender
4- change the structure and naming of the textures and nodes according to the available tutorials
5- export the blender file as a .dae and turn it into a HOD

Is there no easier way, or did someone ever figure out how to open the HWRM HODs ?


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There is also a function of HODOR, RODOH, which will take a HW2 hod and make a HWR compatable .dae file out of it. You could then most likely edit that with DAEnerys or use it as a starting point for a .blend.

I believe the last beta patch(accessable on steam through the beta opt-in interface) had a working version of the hod patching system that allows some tweaks via text file, but I’m not clear on how well that works or exactly what’s capable of being done with it. If you want to add geometry it likely won’t work.


Holy crapadoodle! How did I miss that? Cool, thanks - I’ll check it out!

I tried it out, but it also only works with the classic files apparently. :confused:

Yeah, that’s why I specified HW2 hods. It’s a way to shortcut the first three or so steps of the process you initially described.

Ah yeah. I just took a quick look, but it seemed like all of the nodes were in there, they just had weird names. Still probably easier than reinserting them. The textures were a little off too, but that’s probably easy to fix if you know what you’re doing. (which I don’t - haha)

No way to open the HWRM HODs. Both sucky and weird.

Thanks for the help!

@radar3301 has ability to make some HWRM HOD changes, but he has not yet shared his black magic yet…

I can imagine us having a HWRM tool one day if he makes progress in that area

That would be cool. I think it’s pretty awesome that so many people are still doing mods for this game. =D Even when it gets old, there are a whole bunch of people that break this thing out every couple of years.

How about the HWRM models before they redid all of the structures? I remember seeing somewhere that there’s a way to get old versions of Steam files. Maybe I could get the new geometries and hi-res textures and that re-do the nodes? or does that not work either?

It is possible to get the old and the new through cfhoded, just not to use cfhoded to export a HOD file that is HWRM ready.

Have a look at this topic:

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Check it out! =D

neato - thanks!

Goliath is getting to be pretty much done. Just a couple more upgrades and I think that will do it. We’re gonna get going on a single player mission for it that’ll come out in episodes, and I kind of want to get modeling some new ships for it too.

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Looks good! Can you show it alongside the vanilla carrier so we can see the differences? It looks a bit more beefy at the front, but maybe that’s just me not remembering how the original one looks…

haha - I didn’t do anything to it =) I think it must be a perspective setting in blender. BUT getting the HWRM models and textures out of the HODs is a big step in the right direction. I’ll see if I can get it in the game first, and then start adding the nodes from there. Should be a pretty easy project to get my feet wet. (hopefully)

“Why the F would you do that if the model is already in the game?”, you ask?

We’re writing a single player storyline where the player is a Vaygr carrier on a secret mission during HW2, and it’d be cool if the carrier gets upgrades along the way to become more and more like a mothership/battlecruiser type thingy. So I want to have a base model that at least sorta looks the the carrier to start with. :wink:

That’s a nice idea - taking the vanilla ships and making incremental additions a part of a story. I like it!

To get the joints, I suggest using RODOH on the HW2classic vgr carrier HOD - the chances are that gearbox didn’t change the joint structure for HWRM…

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At this point, I’m not sure that I can skip the Hodor process. I definitely can extract the models and textures though.

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What about joints and dock paths?

Yeah sounds cool, right? And we can start right away already with the models from the game without having to figure out anything new. I’ve been taking a look at the scripting from the SP game and it’s all kind of linear, but it seems straight forward enough. I think I’d like to have the campaign go more like a series of skirmishes with story events mixed in though instead of the get objective/finish objective format of the old games. So maybe you even have to play them a couple times until the AI Fs up and you can win. (But I like computer games to be hard, and I already got enough complaints with the Goliath AI, so maybe a difficulty setting too - haha)

Hello! I think everybody can live with the HODOR command to get ships back into the game, but that would be SUPER cool if you could make it where the HOD files could be opened up without going through a giant goat rodeo. Like Dom2 said, textured models and nodes in the right place in one export would be AWESOME!