How would you change Ice Wall

It’s known since Beta that Ice Wall is a very lacking ability. Causing more harm than good by blocking allies or being generally unreliable with the 1 delay. I didn’t hear anything coming from the devs about this issue so I thought that until someone at very least would recognize the fact that Kelvin’s Ult is probably the worst in this game, it would be fun to hear your crazy ideas.

My idea: Ice Arena
Kelvin will spawn spikes around him that deal damage and knock up enemy. The spikes will leave an ice aura dealing damage over time and constantly charging Kelvin’s permafrost shield.

(This thread doesn’t have to be a serious balance topic so any crazy or joke idea is welcomed)


Interesting idea, it could force Kelvin into a 1v1 engagement with an enemy BB, while giving him an advantage (Recharging shields), if it spawns in a circle arena around him. Or it could still be used to protect allies by blocking enemy movement/fire.

Could also do something boring and remove friendly collision with the wall, but that is only a temporary fix to a very lacking ult.

(It also does do damage to enemies on destruction, though it is negligible)

Are you sure? The skill description doesn’t mention any damage on destruction and I have never noticed anyone taking damage from it.

Well, I remember doing the Voids Edge solo as Kelvin one day, used the ice wall on some Skulks with nothing else around to damage them, and I saw damage numbers appear over their heads as I was desperately trying to go around it to chomp them. (Since they were pushed onto the other side of it, and it was in a narrow spot)

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Make it slowly move forwards then disappear. Bonus if they get slowed at level 10

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I’m imagining putting it next to someone who stands near a cliff and watching him slowly and helplessly moving towards his death. :joy:

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I love this. A different version of Reynas ult. Ooh, the expanded wall sounds as good as the slowing one

Forwards as in away from kelvin or towards kelvin? Cause towards would be epic AF

Oh yes!! When you block the tunel in overgrow and that poor squishy orendi just stop fighting and acept its faith as food

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Similar to your idea, I would like the ice wall to be big (height), also being more responsive on the stun while being able to knockup if angled just right, also more health and kelvin can pass (make animation of him having a wierd melting look where he passes the ice)

An Icestorn would be cool (no pun intended). He begins to glow brightly and an icestorm appears swirling around him like Pendles’s ult but snow. It could slow nearby enemies moderately and decrease the cooldowns of sublimate and chomp.

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The ice storm generated around him sounds cool but the Ult itself is pretty much Miasma. The concept is great but I think that more unique effect is needed.
How about a blur effect making it very hard for the enemies to see, like they are walking through a snow storm.

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I agree. I was thinking the same but held back on that. It could be like a pseudo blind with Ambra’s Ult range.

So, he does something like throw out a piece of the crystal thing he’s made of, and a blizzard forms around it? Or something just like Miasma, where it’s centered on him and follows him around? Honestly there are a lot of the former effects in the game, and the latter is only similar to Pendles’ ult, I believe, maybe Rath’s, if you count that.

Lower the cool down (say 10 seconds off the current time) give it noclip for the map geometry.

It is now no longer a chore to place where you want it, and can also be used as an extra CC option more reasonably.

Having it be a stationary ult that he throws out is a good idea. It would certainly add to the whole Defender aspect. As for the original idea, it was similar to pendles with a pseudo blind and slow effect around a large area.

Well again, there are already a few ults that are placed AoE’s, namely Ambra’s, S&A’s, OM’s, Alani. Meanwhile the only characters that have an ult that effects everything around them is Pendles, and Rath, that I can think of, so it would be a slightly more unique thing, though I still think there’s a way to make it work the way it is, with a few tweaks.

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Happy you also think they should not get rid of the wall

Yea, I like it, it’s an ultimate that rewards prediction and training your opponents to act certain ways. But it’s a bit impractical and not quite strong enough to justify the difficulty in using it properly.

As an alternative to the reduced cooldown, I wouldn’t mind the idea of it stunning on contact rather than just when it first emerges, basically working like a large Ghalt trap. Much like how you can’t chain stuns on a single target off Sublimate, it wouldn’t be able to continually stun someone. So if you can’t quite get the timing of stunning them with the thing on emergence, you still get a stun off if you force them into it.

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The stun is buggy if you ask me, I wish it was more visually stunning like the lore and had good health, with the great Wall helix giving it more health